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3 things you should never talk about

Almost everything in life requires the ability to converse. Conversations introduce you to others, including mentors, employers, colleagues, partners, and friends. You’ll have a challenging time developing a social circle, launching a business, or moving up in your work without discussions as the foundation for such interactions.

It shouldn’t be hard to keep the conversation going, but even the most talkative of us sometimes run into snags. Fortunately, anyone can learn to start a fantastic conversation with a small effort. The following are topics that you should never discuss.


You should never discuss politics because you are afraid of getting into trouble. There is a significant divide between Republicans and Democrats, Trump supporters and opponents, and whatever else you can think. So don’t talk about politics, and don’t even try to hint at anything. You can only bring up this subject if you are sure that the persons you are with share your viewpoint. Otherwise, it may result in heated debates and the offense of one or more people.

Political conversations create enemies, not friends. The danger now is that you’ll make enemies rather than friends. For example, whether you like or loathe a coworker has nothing to do with politics, even if you believe it does. According to science, you should form an impression of a person within the first few seconds of meeting them and keep that impression for up to a month—even if something happens to change your mind. By serving as a stereotype, politics can only intensify these feelings. Furthermore, given the preceding argument about people loving individuals who agree with them, it is far easier to become despised than it is to become loved. Political beliefs can dig a massive grave for you because of this asymmetry, but they won’t revive the unfavorable opinion others already have of you.


Like politics, religion gets frequently regarded as a taboo subject. When you don’t see eye to eye with someone, both can build a lot of heat, and you can be afraid of the repercussions if you bring it up. It’s critical, though, to distinguish between various approaches to discussing religious issues. Converting someone to your way of thinking is likely to cause conflict. A truthful account of one’s own experience, on the other hand, is more difficult to refute.


Money is a topic you try to avoid talking about it. It is considered a societal taboo, so we should keep it private. Individuals are discouraged from discussing money; in fact, asking or talking about one’s finances is considered disrespectful. Comfort is one of these reasons. Talking about money with friends and family makes individuals feel uneasy. Others may argue that it sows seeds of inferiority and discord among friends or that it makes one appear ostentatious about one’s earnings. People also worry that no one provides them with the best answer to their difficulties. These and a slew of other reasons and justifications compel others to keep the money a private matter and avoid discussing it.

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