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Adsense Revenue Sharing and Backlinks

Adsense Revenue Sharing And Backlinks

I hope you don’t mind Ben. Recently I changed a site to an article directory, the content is ranking well and it’s going OK. I wanted to get more people involved but couldn’t figure out how to implement Adsense revenue sharing. I “think” it is finally up and running well and contributors will now get a 75% revenue share for submitting unique content, which is all we accept.

Feel free to contribute. I set it up as of late so many article sites are going down the pan. Too much crappy content is finally getting the low positions that you would think it would get. Unique content and a better word count seems to be the name of the game of late and it seems it is only going to get harder to get quality backlinks from article directories that accept almost anything. I had an email from Ezine this morning and they know the score and are tightening up their act to stay ranking well so they know the way the wind is blowing.

Our site has helped out the few users that have contributed and we have had positive feedback from those that have been using it regularly which is only a few.

Anyway, I hope to see a few people there and sorry to Ben for the rather blatant post. However, for those without their own networks for backlinks it is another small step to DOMINATION.

Now I am not saying to try to earn a living from the site as many people seem to think they can with Infobarrel. You should always be putting lots of content on your own sites but getting paid for good backlinks can’t be a bad thing can it?

We run a very tight ship and delete an awful lot of accounts for submitting duplicate or spun content. This is to ensure we stay clean for whatever changes the big G may implement as far as low quality content is concerned. At the moment there are only a few people who use the site as intended and I would rather keep it small or just use it for our own network than let it get crappy. We have a PR3 although I know less importance is being placed on this but our articles rank for the intended keywords fairly well.

If you can submit 300 words of unique content then please sign up, it’s all about the backlinks baby.

The system is not perfect for the adsense sharing as you need to submit your ID and an adslot number but it is the best I could do. It only takes a minute to setup though so is worth it for a one off thing that will not have to be repeated. It took me all morning to get it working but it is up and running now so come give it a try.

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