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An easy guide on how to post multiple ads on craigslist without getting flagged!

Advertisements are the sole base for creating awareness and making the best use of business strategies. Craigslist caters to classified advertisements that help a person strive high in the market. But, there are several reasons when the advertisements may get flagged, especially with multiple advertisements. To ensure safe and multiple advertising, one must know how to post multiple ads on craigslist without getting flagged. 

Why does my advertisement get flagged?

There are several reasons why the advertisements may get flagged. Some of them are the following:

  • It happens if the advertisements do not abide by the terms and conditions of the platform.
  • It occurs when the advertisement is about prohibited content, including weapons, unlawful, etc.
  • If free advertisements receive continuous negative flags, the advertisements get flagged.

Ways to avoid being flagged

The following are the best solutions for the question of how to post multiple ads on craigslist without getting flagged:

Not posting similar needs

One must avoid posting similar advertising content within 48 hours. An individual is free to post an advertisement for a similar city or category. Posting a similar location and category with similar prices and details will be taken as the same content and flagged within two days. 

Avoid posting similar body

Copy pasting a similar general content is quite common when making and posting advertisements. It will mark the content to be redundant and hence flag the advertisement. But, one can rearrange the photographs and continue with the post. 

Go for selling or buying

Craigslist promotes advertisements that promote buying and selling. If an individual uses it for casual advertising, it may be harmful to the platform. As it goes against the terms and conditions, the posted advertisements may get flagged. 


Using decent and proper language is essential when knowing about how to post multiple ads on craigslist without getting flagged. The language of every post must be unique, decent, and should not trigger any person. In all, it should be as per the norms.

The key information

The platform offers the best and crispest advertisements to buyers and sellers around the world. One should post a description that describes the best product and service with the best of all information. If the unit finds the advertisement to be irrelevant, it may get flagged. 

Styling over needs

Styling is not something that is restricted. The use of different font-size, colors, word arts, etc., is permitted, but over-doing it may lead to being taken as a template and attract the unit’s attention. It may lead to the flagging of the content.

Buying and selling make the entire world go round. With the best marketplace to buy and sell stuff, one can feel relaxed. With the detail of how to post multiple ads on craigslist without getting flagged, one can always be prepared and step every stair of success with caution. Knowing the best rules and having the best help in hand, an individual can stand tall and find their best way to their candidates and the recruiters!

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