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Can You Upload Fonts to Canva?

Canva, a popular graphic design platform, offers a wide range of fonts to unleash your creativity and bring your designs to life. However, one question that often sparks a heated debate among Canva users is whether it’s possible to upload custom fonts to the platform. In this article, we’ll delve into this contentious topic and explore the possibilities, limitations, and workarounds when it comes to uploading fonts to Canva.

The Limitations

As of the current functionality, Canva does not provide an official option to upload custom fonts directly to the platform. The font library in Canva consists of pre-selected fonts that have been curated and optimized for compatibility with the system. This limitation has frustrated some users who desire more flexibility in font selection.


While Canva doesn’t have a built-in feature to upload fonts, there are some workarounds that can help you incorporate custom fonts into your designs:

  1. Design with External Tools: Create your designs using external graphic design software or tools that allow you to upload and use custom fonts. Once you’ve finalized your design, you can import it into Canva as an image or as part of a design template, preserving the appearance of your custom font.
  2. Use Canva’s Text Effects: Canva provides a variety of text effects, including color, size, spacing, and styling options. By leveraging these features, you can customize the appearance of Canva’s existing fonts to achieve a more unique and personalized look.
  3. Utilize Canva Pro’s Brand Kit: Canva Pro subscribers have access to a feature called Brand Kit, which allows you to upload custom brand fonts and colors. While this functionality is limited to Canva’s Brand Kit and may not be available for general use throughout the platform, it can help maintain consistency with your brand’s fonts when designing within Canva.


It’s important to note that uploading custom fonts to Canva is a feature that many users have requested, and Canva’s development team continues to enhance the platform based on user feedback. While it may not be possible at the moment, it’s worth keeping an eye on Canva’s updates and announcements for any potential font customization features in the future.

The debate regarding the ability to upload custom fonts to Canva remains a hot topic among its user base. While Canva currently lacks a direct option for uploading custom fonts, there are workarounds available to incorporate custom font styles and maintain design consistency. Leveraging external tools, utilizing Canva Pro’s Brand Kit, and maximizing Canva’s text effects are some ways to navigate the limitations and achieve a unique aesthetic.

As Canva evolves and responds to user demands, the possibility of uploading custom fonts may become a reality. Until then, exploring the vast selection of fonts within Canva and using creative alternatives can still result in visually captivating designs. So, while the debate rages on, embrace the available options, experiment with different styles, and continue to create stunning designs with the resources at your disposal.

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