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Exciting Ways to Make Saving Money Fun

Saving money is not always easy, but approached the right way it can become a hobby that’s enjoyable as well as beneficial. I am going to share some steps I have found to stretch your finances AND enjoying the process.

TIP 1: Relax. 🙂 Relax, Relax and again I say, “Relax”. Don’t count each penny you save and worry about how much you save. Does it really matter if this week you saved $1.92 compared to $1.93 on a meal. Yes, every penny matters, but sometimes the amount is so minimal its not crucial.

TIP 2: Budget. Always good advice, sometimes harder to do.

TIP 3: Make saving money detective work. Uncover the sleuth in you. If you look at it as money saved as unfound treasure, you will find the process exhilarating! There’s always a new way to save you have yet to discover. Search for it.

TIP 4: Involve your kids in saving. Play games with them that shows them how to use money wisely. Money Matters is a game by Larry Burkett that does just that. Another way is to help them earn money save you money by encouraging them to cut coupons. To do this, give them a percentage of how much money you save when you use the coupons they cut at the grocery store. They organize your coupons, helping you save and earn extra allowance too! By making pinching pennies a hobby instead of a chore, you will save your family more money and find it exciting too! About the Author Sarah Delaporte is the owner of Freebie Coupon Corner. She loves helping consumers save money on their groceries with her helpful e-book publications.

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