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Facebook won’t let me create an account

With over a billion active members, Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the planet. By creating a Facebook page to advertise the business, businesses may develop a Facebook presence and access this massive market for free. The first step is to create a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account, you need to meet a few prerequisites, or else Facebook won’t let you create an account.

Minimum Age Requirement

Facebook asks all users to provide their birth dates, and anybody under 13 to register is restricted. When Facebook detects underage users, it routinely deletes their accounts. Facebook said that it was deleting the accounts of 20,000 underage users every day. Businesses who advertise or promote adult items such as alcohol should be aware that there are legitimate Facebook users under the legal drinking age for their products and should adhere to Facebook’s rules regarding the presence of younger users.

Requires a Name

Unlike many other online businesses, Facebook does not use and permit using fictitious user names. A real name is not always your complete legal name, but it is the name you go by most of the time. Users do join up using bogus identities, as they do with birth dates, but Facebook utilizes several algorithms to detect fraudulent names and purges these accounts regularly.

Names for Professionals and Businesses

After creating a personal user account, a person can build a Facebook page for his company or another group with whatever name he wants, as long as it’s available on the site.

Other Prerequisites

Users must provide their sex and email addresses in addition to a birth date that indicates they are over 13 and a name. A mobile phone number is essential for full access to all functions, and the account must get validated by email within three days. If you join up using a mobile device, you must provide a mobile phone number.

Requirement for a password

A password gets required for the Facebook account. The password should be unique to your Facebook account and difficult to guess to ensure the security of your Facebook account and any linked company Facebook sites. Because your Facebook account may contain information like your career, favorite movies, and pet names, your password should not get based on anything that may get gleaned from it. The password must contain a minimum of six characters, including capital and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation.

Setting Up an Account

Go to Facebook’s main page. On the home page, there is a form where you may fill out all of the required information, such as your first and last names, email addresses, and password. Choose the proper gender and date of birth. Within three days, confirm the account by responding to the confirmation email.


After you’ve made your account, read the privacy regulations and familiarise yourself with the many privacy choices and settings for your profile. The display of a user’s birth date, email address, and sex can be restricted partially or altogether. Review other pages to see what information is accessible and made on behalf of the business and comment people make on other business pages before building a Facebook page for a firm or group. Business pages are public, and the privacy choices are different than personal ones.

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