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Guide on How to Remove an Item From eBay

It is a well-known e-commerce company that allows anyone to buy or sell a product online. Having come into being during the web boom following the advent of the internet, it is a considerably matured company with a reputation for its expertise. After an item has been listed on the site, it often happens that cancellation requirements become imminent. This can be done any time, but they heavily discourage the removal. There is also a chargeable amount for such actions.

Why delete an item?

Breaking or losing the article or misplacement of the price are the common factors of deleting an item other than the personal desire of the seller.

How to cancel?

The cancellation process of any article that has been put up to be sold is not very complex to deal with. Here is how to remove an item from eBay:

  • Visit the website: It can be done with any supporting web browser.
  • Log in: Put in the username and the password of the seller’s account, and then click on the Sign-in blue button.
  • Confirmation: The sit will send a six-digit number to the registered contact number of the seller. Check the text messages for the confirmation code. Enter it on the web page and click the Continue button.
  • My eBay: Look for a My eBay button at the top right-hand side of the page next to the bell icon. An automated drop-down menu will appear when the mouse pointer is placed over it.
  • Look for a Selling button in the menu and click on it.
  • In the sidebar menu of the left side of the webpage, below the Selling find Active button. This will display all the items that one has currently listen to on the site.
  • Locate the item: Look for the particular one which is to be canceled in the list.
  • One will find an arrow icon to the right of the located item. It is right next to the Sell similar button. On clicking the arrow, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • On the bottom of the drop-down menu, one has to click on the option that says- End my listing early.
  • The company page will ask the seller for a reason for the cancellation of the product before that maturation of the listing. They will provide four different options, which might be the probable reasons. Choose the correct reason.
  • End my listing: This button is located right below the options. Click on it, and the listing will be removed.

Are there any consequences?

Understanding the after-effects of the action is as important as learning how to remove an item from eBay. If an auction already has a bid and it is to end in less than 12 hours, the auction cannot be canceled. This is why Fixed Priced listings can be removed anytime. Too many cancellations might get a seller’s account restricted by the site. Thus, one should be careful about the removal of an item.

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