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Home Buying Guide??!! Why Would You Want a Guide!!

Have you found yourself living with your parents, with friends, an apartment or another living situation? Have you already purchased a home and why a Real Estate Guide could have been very helpful in making the right decisions? Just read some of the following questions that you need to ask yourself!! If you currently live in a home that you purchased; is your home right for you or was it the wrong fit?! How are the insurance rates in your neighborhood? Was it the right or wrong size or was it too big or too small?! How much are the utilities bills where you intend to buy? How is the crime rate, the neighborhood schools? Do the children in the school district score above or below the state average? What is the mix of college educated people in your neighborhood versus uneducated people? Is there a community college or university close so that you can continue your education and develop your career, or would the commute deter you from furthering your education? Are their restaurants nearby for a nice dinner or fast food for something quick to eat? Does the community have entertainment venues; such as movie theaters, concert theaters, museums and other artistic venues so one can live an enriched life? These are just an example of questions one may ask themselves when purchasing a home and selecting a neighborhood or community to live in.

A Real Estate Guide can help you in many of these important questions that need to be answered in order for you, or you and your family need to be happy and grow with your community. A Real Estate Guide can help you in all of the financial matters that you will need in order to understand how to get the right mortgage, the right budget so you are not house poor, the right type of insurance to obtain, the right neighborhood, the right house for you, the right real estate agent, the amount you should put down on closing, escrow account, etc., etc. Even if you have owned many homes in the past and you think you did everything right, the perfect mortgage payment, perfect neighborhood, etc.? Maybe you could be in a more perfect home, have worked with a better agent, had lower insurance rates in a better neighborhood, locked in the perceived best interest rate; provided a better education for your children, a better retirement??!! How would you really ever know without reading a Real Estate Guide that provides you with all of the things you really need to know!!

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