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How Much Do Strippers Make?

The adult entertainment industry consists of many individuals and the industry is more than just adult films. Strip clubs are a huge part of this industry. You must have seen strip joints in many Hollywood movies, or better, have visited one. The first thing you imagine when you hear strip clubs is strippers, obviously. And contrary to popular belief, not only men, but women too enjoy stripper performances by both male and female strippers. These exotic dancers that entertain you could actually earn more than you do. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. 

Bachelorette parties are incomplete without a stripper’s performance. And if you have ever hosted one, you will have an idea of how much they make by the hour. A layman might wonder, how much can someone possibly earn for something as simple as dancing in a sexy way, wearing a skimpy costume? The answer to that question could blow your mind. Most of these strippers choose this occupation to support themselves financially, more than anything else. 

Who Can Work As a Stripper?

Any person above the age of 18 can start working as a stripper. Some clubs may require you to be over 21 years of age but that’s relative. If you are a confident individual with good dancing skills, you can start working as a stripper any day you want to. Your looks or your body type or basically any worries you might have about your aesthetic does not matter as long as you are confident. After all, confidence is the sexiest accessory anyone can wear. 

Having a career as a stripper may be daunting at first, but once you’re in it you’ll get the hang of it and enjoy it. Being a stripper means you have to be comfortable with showing skin and interacting with strangers. If you are comfortable with presenting yourself to a crowd in your sexy version and have some experience with dancing, you should be good to go. 

What Does a Stripper Do?

Strippers do things presenting a dance performance, giving lap dances to customers and performing at private parties. The job of a stripper revolves around dancing and being sexy and entertaining people. Strippers get tipped by customers for doing basically anything the customer asks for, like, a customer may pay you a good tip even if you just sit and talk to them. 

Many people that come to clubs want to have a good time with some company. So, even offering just your company may get you a hefty tip. Additionally, strippers can dance for you and offer lap dances as well, at the end of which the customers tip them with whatever amount they can. 

How Do Strippers Earn?

Strippers earn by performing in front of a crowd at clubs. They get paid by the club they are working at, and by the customers, they serve in the form of tips. If you are at the receiving end of a stripper’s service and are very pleased with their service, you can tip them generously and make their night’s earnings. Strippers also get hired for jobs like parties where they charge clients on an hourly basis to provide you with their eye-pleasing services.

There’s no limit to how much clients can tip the stripper, so strippers can earn up to thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. Some clients tip in pennies and ones, while some others pay in hundreds. In countries like the USA, there are minimum wage laws for strippers as well, that their employers have to abide by. According to law, the minimum wage payable to strippers is $2.13. To this, add the tips received from the numerous visitors of clubs. That’s a lot of money when totalled. 

How Much Do Strippers Earn? 

Ah, the golden question. I think social media is a good way to see just how a stripper lives, and it is social media itself that has triggered this question in many people’s minds. From buying designer handbags, expensive vacations to supporting their families with all luxuries possible, strippers are able to live a life of their dreams with their income. Some strippers can earn more than $2,000 in a regular 60-hour workweek. That’s approximately $8,000 a month. Crazy, right? With the hundreds of customers, they serve in a week, even if they get tipped $5 per customer each time they dance for them, strippers can collect an amount more than enough to satisfy themselves. 

Imagine this, you do a short dance performance for a customer and they reward you with a roll of cash that can probably buy your whole family dinner. Sounds exciting, right? Night clubs are frequented by famous celebrities and other rich people too. These people will tip you generously for any service you provide them, be it a lap dance that may have a predetermined fee or a 10-minute conversation. 

You will find all kinds of people on any night at the club, all of whom will tip you for a dance. When totalled, that’s a lot of cash collected. Moreover, you can work flexible hours, so how much you earn on a night depends upon how many hours you can work. Strippers can earn more than $30 an hour; that’s insane! Stripping can really pay you well. 

Final Words:

It’s true that working as a stripper can be very rewarding money-wise, but it also takes a lot of effort and perseverance. Strippers have to deal with all kinds of people, all of whom may not be nice. So it takes a good bit of grit to do a job like this, so the pay is satisfying at the end of the day. Most people who tip the strippers generously do it just to do a nice thing for someone. Most strippers take up this career so that they can provide a good life for their loved ones using the money collected. Just being nice to your customers can pay you hundreds of dollars on a daily basis. 

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