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How to Become a Librarian in Canada

Library and information management is a fast-paced sector that requires employees to be up to date on the newest technology developments. Students who complete library studies programs at Ontario institutions can apply their library and information management abilities in different public and private sector industries. They also teach the necessary social skills for connecting a varied group of people to the information they need in a timely and professional manner. You could be interested in a career in library and information management if you have an analytical mind and a passion for information. According to Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey, there are around 13,000 librarians in Canada. Women make up about 82 percent of the population.

Library science encompasses library management, information preservation, archiving, distribution, information technology development, and research education. Librarians can specialize in any of these areas, and many have responsibilities that need them to be knowledgeable in all of them.

Eligibility for librarian

A master’s degree in library science or information science gets required of librarians. According to Marie DeYoung, president of the Canadian Library Association and university librarian at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, more librarians today hold a second master’s degree in another discipline in addition to a Ph.D. The salary of a senior academic librarian at a major Canadian institution or the director of a public library is from $40,000 to $60,000 per year. A senior academic librarian at a major Canadian university or the head of a massive public library can make upwards of $200,000 per year.

Types of Job Roles Librarian

It is not easy to work as a librarian. Candidates must have excellent memory to recall the many slots and categories of books available in the library. Different job profiles for Librarians have now get introduced to make things easier for them. These profiles get divided into categories based on the roles we play and the types of libraries. Take a look at these Librarian job descriptions to see which one is best for you.

Public Librarian: These librarians work for open-to-the-public libraries. They help people find the right book to read. Public librarians also assist people with their research by supplying artifacts and scholarly texts to researchers.

Academic Librarian: An academic librarian gets hired by a university or college to oversee the library. These librarians help students with their projects and research, as well as helping them choose the right book and reference material for their field.

School Librarians: They get recruited to teach schoolchildren about the importance of libraries and how to use them. Elementary, middle, and high school librarians help kids understand what a library is, how to use it to choose the right book, how to follow library rules, and how to issue and return books.

Special Librarian: Organizations hire Special Librarians to manage their libraries. Law firms, museums, corporations, hospitals, media companies, government agencies, and research organizations are among these organizations and firms. These libraries’ librarians organize the organizations’ data, files, and records. They also maintain track of and manage video and audio assets to meet the organization’s information demands.

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