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How to Become a Politician in Canada

Canada’s system relies on the UK’s. It is a constitutional monarchy, which means the Queen or King is recognized as the Head of State, while the Prime Minister get recognized as the Head of Government. The Queen of Canada (who is legally represented by the Governor-General), the Senate, and the House of Commons make up Canada’s Parliament. On the Prime Minister’s recommendation, the Governor-General appoints 105 members to the Senate. The House of Commons is composed of 338 members.

What is the political system in Canada?

The federal government (the Canadian government) – Citizenship and immigration, national defense, and international trade are among the issues that influence the entire country.

Provincial and territorial governments (for example, the Province of Ontario) – In charge of Education, health care, and highways are among the areas.

Municipal (local) governments in Ontario (cities, towns, and villages) – Firefighting, city streets, and other municipal issues are under his jurisdiction. Services are provided by the province if there is no municipal government.

How to become a politician in Canada

Candidates must meet all of the requirements outlined in the Canada Elections Act (the Act). Review Part 6 of the Act’s rules for candidates and make sure you understand them. The Political Financing Handbook for Candidates and Official Agents also includes essential details about the nomination process and candidate credentials (EC 20155).


The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right to run in federal elections. The following are the conditions for becoming a candidate:

  • You must be a resident of Canada.
  • Should get aged least 18 years old.
  • You should not get ruled disqualified under section 65 of the Act’s requirements.
  • You must file a Nomination Paper (EC 20010) (paper copy at the returning officer’s office) or an online nomination form (on the Political Entities Service Centre portal) with all needed supporting papers. 

Announce your intention to be a candidate

Before or during an election, you can declare your intention to be a candidate in one of two ways:

Registered party candidate (Form 904)

The majority of candidates are nominated by registered party constituency associations, while other parties do not have constituency organizations. In any case, this entails joining a registered political party.

Independent candidate (not a member of a political party, Form 905)

Filing nomination papers, making a public declaration through a news release, or receiving money for the intention of contesting an election are all examples of declaring your intent.

Forming a Campaign Team

You will need to appoint an official agent and an auditor to complete the Nomination Paper (EC 20010) or online nomination form. Your agent is in charge of managing the campaign’s finances and filing reports with Elections Canada. Your auditor is in charge of overseeing the campaign’s financial operations and executing some reporting duties. They must be qualified to provide accounting services under provincial law (i.e., have a CPA, CA, CGA, or CMA certification) and not be ineligible to act as an auditor as defined by subsection 477.3(2) of the Act.

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