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How to Call Australia from Canada

Calling Australia is similar to making a long-distance call to someone in the continental United States, whether you’re doing business with an Australian company, calling friends or family members who live in Australia, or organizing a trip to the nation.

There are several options for making a call from Canada to any city in Australia. With just a few bits of information, you may use your cellphone or landline to call Australia: Canada’s exit code (011), Australia’s country code (61), and the area code if using a mobile device (4). You’ll need to know the city’s area code if you’re dialing a landline. You can also make your call using several apps on your phone or using an international calling card.

Purchase calling card

If your phone plan does not include international calls, you will need to purchase a calling card. You prepay for minutes when you use an international calling card. To obtain a calling card, go to your local convenience store or shop online. Using a calling card may be substantially less expensive depends on your smartphone or landline connection.

Read reviews and stick with well-known companies, and make sure to read print on every calling card you buy. Some companies round up your minutes in huge increments, while others may impose additional fees for connection or servicing in addition to the per-minute prices.

Using a Landline or a Cellphone to Call Australia

To enter Canada’s exit code, dial “001” from a landline or cell phone. Your phone provider will know you’re calling from another country if you use country exit codes. The exit code for Canada is 011, and it should be the first three numbers you dial when calling.

Your call to Australia will begin with the number 011-xx-x-xxxx-xxxx.

To make a call to Australia, dial “61.” Each country has its unique code for directing international calls. Enter “61” after you’ve entered Canada’s exit code. Your call will be forwarded to Australia using this code. Example: 011-61-x-xxxx-xxxx.

If you’re calling a landline, dial the area code. If you’re calling a landline in Australia, you’ll need to know the city code for that city. Depending on where the city gets located, the number will be 2, 3, 7, or 8. 

Melbourne, for example, has a city code of 3. The city code for Sydney is 2. Example: 011-61-2-xxxx-xxxx if you’re calling someone in Sydney, Australia.

If you’re dialing a cell phone, dial the number “4” instead of the city code. You don’t need the city code if you’re calling a cell phone number. Instead, dial 4, which is the national mobile phone number for Australia. Example: 011-61-4-xxxx-xxxx.

Type the local phone number. Except for city codes, Australian phone numbers are eight digits long. Your phone number will be 14 numbers long in total, including the exit code for Canada, the country code for Australia, and the city code. 011-61-4-1234-5678 is an example of a successfully called Australian mobile phone number.

Make video and voice calls to Australia using smartphone apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Viber, Google Voice, and Rebtel.

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