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How To Change Facebook Group Name? The Best Solution For The Admin Of 5000+ Audiences

The social media

Social media is a rich place that helps you with many things, starting from a personal account to a business forum and connecting with billions of people for their similar interest with you. The place is vast and most accessible for all humans. Today’s world is very much dependent on these platforms to spread out their ideas and reach old and new acquaintances.


Facebook is one of the most important platforms that hold the audience under certain rules and regulations. The users need to be aware of how to use the features of the application to get the best benefits of the platform, no matter if it is about the business or just the personal account management, you will get to enjoy only if you know how to use the platform well enough.

A Facebook group

Creating a group on Facebook is easy, but do you know how to change facebook group name? Well, this is the guide that will help you through this struggle unless you aren’t a member of a 5000+ audience. The step-by-step procedure is mentioned below; by following the steps, you can successfully change your group’s name. Let’s get started now!

Step by step

  • Select the group you want to change the name of from the columns from the newsfeed
  • Click on the left-hand side menu display to release the options
  • Click on the edit icon and go to the name and description page
  • You can edit the name and description here now
  • Save the changes you have made on the page and return
  • Make sure you check on the changed name to ensure there is no other issue

Troubleshooting the problem

If you are unable to change the name even after going through the process mentioned above, you might need to check your internet connection and the network’s stability. Try the same again after logging out and in again. If you are still facing the situation, you are expected to reach the customer care service asking them how to change the facebook group name to get the troubleshooting team to help you out with the process instantly.

Specific cases

If you are receiving a rejection on this part, the fact that you have crossed the limit of group members makes you unable to permanently change the group’s name. This is one of the rules of Facebook, according to the rule you cannot change the name of the group you created after you reach the audience count of 5000+, and this is done to prevent the admins from experiencing unpleasant abuse from the members.

The unsolved

In that case, you will have to ask your embers to shift into a new group after naming the group with an ultimate title that would not need to be changed. This can be the only practical solution to this problem if you want to enjoy Facebook’s features efficiently. All the very best to you and your group for establishing a brighter audience base on Facebook.

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