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How to Design Your YouTube Channel Art

When looking how to design your youtube channel art you want to be able to catch the eye of the audience you are targeting. You should have your images relate to the topic of your youtube channel.If Your are making a youtube channel for your niche or website,products or services then you want your youtube channel art design to relate to what you are marketing. Your youtube channel art design the first thing people are going to see and a well design youtube channel can lead to more subscribers and people getting more interested in what your channel has to offer.

Your first step is to go to your youtube channel and click on the youtube add channel art if it a new channel or if you never added youtube art before.If Your editing your youtube art then your going to click the pencil icon and click on edit channel.

Once you click on edit or add your youtube channel art you will see a pop where you can load your photo either by dragging them and dropping them or by click on select a photo from your computer button.

You will also see the recommended size for your youtube channel art is 2560 x 1440 pixels with a max file size of 2MB.

The reason this file so big is because youtube is pretty much everywhere on tvs,tablets and your images have to be able to fit on all sizes.

Now since you know the size of your youtube channel art it time to create your youtube channel art image.

The whole image canvas is 2560 x 1440 that is for full TV view of your youtube channel but each device will show your youtube channel art differently as you can see in the above diagram your desktop will show 2560 x 423 and is across the center of your full canvas.A Tablet size is 1855 x 423 and mobile devices 1546 x 423.

So now we covered what sizes are going to show on each device:

TV 2260 x 1440

Desktop 2560 x 423

Tablets 1855 x 423

Mobile Devices 1546 x 423

You want to keep all sizes in mind when you are creating your youtube channel art and this is for the simple fact you do not want to have your youtube channel art to just look good on one device.With youtube being able to be used anywhere that mean a chance for you to get more views and subscribers from people using other devices to view youtube.You want to use your full youtube canvas but you also want to make sure that your image will fit well on all devices and is not crop or you see your image cut off.You want your youtube art eye appealing to all people that come to your youtube channel.

Editing Your Youtube Channel Art Photo

If you are using photoshop you can find a youtube channel art template to use here:

Photoshop Youtube art Template

You Have Photoshop but need some how to videos or information to help you edit your template using their software you can search here:

youtube channel art photoshop tutorial

If you are using Pixlr Photo Editor You can click Here: Pixlr Youtube Channel Art Template

If you need more information on how to edit your youtube channel art using Pixlr you can search here: Youtube Channel Art Pixlr tutorial

If you are using Gimp Photo Editor You can Click Here: Gimp Youtube Art Template

If You need more information on how to edit your youtube channel art template using gimp you can search here: Youtube Channel Art Gimp tutorial

Not Good With Photo Editing?

Lets say your not good with photo editing or you don’t have the time to learn you can always outsource to get the work done for you. Here a Few Places You Can Check out:



Fiverr is a great place to get work done for you at a cheap price of 5 bucks.You can Check Here For People willing to do Your Youtube Channel Art Here: Fiverr Youtube Channel Art Gigs


SEOClerks is just like fiverr but you can find people offering services from 1 dollar and up.You Can Click Here to see what they have to offer: SEOClerks

Fiver up

  • Fiver up is a popular alternative to fiverr and offers services 4 dollars and up.You Can Click Here to check out fiver up:

Fiver up

This is just a few places you can check out for outsourcing to get your youtube channel art done and are pretty cheap.You can always search google for these type of places too if you want more outsourcing resources but fiverr would be your best bet in my opinion.

Photo Editors Resources

Here is a list of photo editors you can check out to create your youtube channel art with:

Advance Photo Editors:


gimp is similar to photoshop but is free to download You Can Click Here to get Gimp or more information: Gimp Photo Editor


Pixlr is another well known and popular online photo editor you can use for your youtube channel art Click Here: Pixlr Photo Editor

We also offer a advance photo editor on our site using plixlr api for someone looking for advance options You can Click Here: Money Maker Tips Photo Editor

Photoshop – Photoshop is not free but does offer a free basic online editor You can Click Here: Photoshop Editor

Youtube Channel Art Editors:

Money Maker Tips Youtube Channel Art Editor

  • We offer a simple to use youtube channel art editor that is already loaded with a youtube channel art template for you to use free.You Can Click Here: Money Maker Tips Youtube Channel Art Editor


  • Panzoid is a free youtube channel art maker you can Click Here: Panzoid Youtube Channel Art Editor


  • Fotor is another online free youtube channel art maker you can Click Here: Fotor Youtube Channel Art Editor

Free Commercial Use Images

You Need To Get A Start With Your Images or Looking for some images to use for your Youtube Channel Art?

Here is a List of sites that have images free for commercial use for you to check out.Click On Any of the names below to go to their site:

ISO Republic

The Stocks

IM Creator


Startup Stock Photos

Split Shire

Flickr CC


Best Stock Photo Free


This is just a few free sites that offer free commercial use images you can always search for more on google but if you use google directly to look for images make sure to check it they got a copyright on the image so sometimes it is better to find sites like listed above.

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