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How to Remove People from Snapchat Group: The 4 Methods

Snapchat initially worked as a photo-sharing app, but since this is the era of increasing technology, they didn’t stop there. Today Snapchat is one of the leading messaging apps. On the messaging feature of Snapchat, we all come across some person who is a nuisance to the group. Some tend to forward offensive or abusive content after repeated warnings. Snapchat doesn’t entertain removing someone from the group without that person’s will, but there are other ways you can remove the person/persons and their annoyance from the chat. Read below to know how to remove people from snapchat group.

How to remove people from a snapchat group

Well, there is no way you can directly remove a person from the group. Once you add people to your group, they are there until the group itself dissolves. However, there are four indirect ways you can get rid of those whom you don’t want in your group.

Wait until the group’s expiration date.

If the users don’t add a snap to the chat, the group expires and disappears after 24 hours. So if there is someone in the group you and your friends wish to avoid, wait up. Once the group expires after 24 hours, you can create a new group without adding that certain someone in the new group.

Create another group

Another method is to create a new group and add all existing members to it except for the objectionable member. This move can be a little passive-aggressive, but you can achieve your objective. After entering the second group, all members will eventually stop to message in the first group that will result in the inactivation of the group.

Ask them to exit the group.

The only member who has the power to remove someone from the group is themselves. It is the last thing you want to do when avoiding a person. Sometimes if the issue is too big, the person leaves the chat due to self-respect and self-integrity. But in some cases, the objectionable person turns out to be stubborn. In that case, you must ask them to leave the group immediately. 

Ask others to leave

If nothing works for you and your group, you can ask your friends to leave along with you. Follow these simple steps to exit the group yourself.

  • Open the Snapchat application and click on the text icon in the lower-left corner.
  • Tap on the menu option
  • Click on ‘leave’ and confirm the same.

Follow these easy steps and ask your fellow members to leave the group as well. Result? The objectionable person all by himself in the group.

Apart from having the sublime filters, part of the success of Snapchat is the unique feature of creating group chats where everyone can text and receive messages at the same time. While there is currently no way you can remove someone from the group, there are always some loopholes present. Use these loopholes to get rid of the people who bother the rest of them.

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