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How to Sell a Boat

It’s not as simple as purchasing and selling a boat. You spent a lot of time shopping for the perfect yacht at a reasonable price that you could afford when you bought your boat. Remember how excited you were when you first heard the news? You found the right one, fell in love with it and decided to purchase it. That’s the impression you want to make on a prospective buyer. Here are some suggestions for selling your boat.

Steps to selling your boat

  • Decide if you’ll sell the yacht yourself or through a broker or dealer.
  • Make sure the boat is in good shape and runs well.
  • Examine the prices of similar boats, taking the manufacturer, model, size, and age into account.
  • Decide on an asking price.
  • Put your boat on the market to sell it.
  • Show off and seal the deal.

Working with Brokers and Dealers of Boats

You can always seek the services of a professional boat broker or dealer if you understand how to sell your boat but don’t want to put in the time and effort required. Alternatively, if you’re buying a new boat from a dealer who takes trades, you may swap in your old one. Both choices are less challenging than selling a boat on your own, but each has its own set of drawbacks. Brokers will take a percentage of the proceeds, and trade-ins rarely yield top dollar.

Selling price

If a boat gets priced appropriately, it will sell quickly. Compare the condition and inclusions of the same type or similar vessels. Keep your expectations in check. If you overprice your boat, it could take months to sell, and you’ll still be paying for upkeep, berths, mooring, and storage throughout that time. Always give room for negotiation.

Clean and de-clutter

Many people sell their boats because they no longer utilize them. Usually denotes it is in poor condition. Take the time to clean it well, air it out, and remove all of your belongings. You’ll have to get rid of it someday, so do so now to improve your chances of a quick sale. Only leave the items that will go with the boat, such as safety equipment. No, they aren’t interested in your old linens or tea-stained cups. To get your boat up to snuff, hire a professional detailer.


Consider both print and internet advertising to reach as many people as possible. Magazines in print have a lengthy shelf life. It is simple to search for advertisements on the internet. Make a sign to hang on the boat.

A picture is worth a thousand words. With a decent shot, you’ll be able to attract more potential purchasers. Take the time to do it well. Take it from the side, with a clear view and no shadows. The majority of current phones are capable of taking high-quality images.

Potential purchasers are typically upbeat and enthusiastic about purchasing a boat. Build trust with your customers and keep them satisfied, and they’ll buy your boat.

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