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How to Sell a Game on Steam

Stream is one of the most popular gaming platforms for releasing and presenting our games to the public. If you’re a new or emerging game developer who wants to release a game on Steam but isn’t sure how to sell a game on Steam, this guide helps you.

Steam provides an excellent opportunity for newbies to represent or sell their games and profit handsomely. However, you may not be familiar with the entire process of selling a game on Steam, so we’re here to assist you and go over everything in-depth so that you can sell and profit from it.

What’s the deal with Steam?

Steam has been active for over 15 years, and it was created by Valve primarily to disseminate game updates. The platform has evolved over time and now allows third-party games to get played.

Steam has over 100 million members and over 20 million concurrent users, which is enough to excite any game developer on the planet. There are also over 3,400 games available on the platform. Steam holds more than a quarter of the online video game business. Steam now sells its own branded game consoles and controllers, demonstrating the platform’s spectacular success.

How to Sell a Game on Steam

If you’re a game creator and want to sell your game on Steam, you’ll be able to make a lot of money. However, you cannot resell a game, which means you may only sell your games through your account. You cannot sell any third-party games through your account.

It gets previously mentioned in the Steam engine’s policy that you might resale a third-party game on your profile. However, Valve recently changed the regulation and stated that you only sell a game that you made, implying that you no longer resale a game on Steam.

Steps to selling your game:

  • You must first create your own game before registering for the Steam services.
  • After that, Steam will send you a digital document with their policy and service information, which you must read and sign.
  • Then you must pay the app deposit using the same bank account that you used to receive your game sales money.
  • Following the payment, you must complete some documentation with your bank and tax authorities for Steam to validate your identification.
  • Steam will now grant you access to the Steam works, which are the tools that will subsequently assist you in publishing and managing your game on Steam.
  • Following that, you must begin a test run of your game with Steam, during which Steam will thoroughly inspect it; this stage can take anywhere from one to five days.
  • You’re ready to start selling your game on Steam Engine, Atlast.

Steam has made measures to ensure that your store page is up and running quickly. To ensure that you grow your audience, you must post a “Coming Soon” page at least two weeks before the formal launch. Your game sparks conversation in the run-up to launch, and Steam allows you to communicate with potential consumers. These factors will assist you in gaining traction.

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