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How to Sell Feet Pics

How are your feet? Shocked by the question, right? Let me give you another stunning information that you can actually earn good money by selling the pictures of your feet. Doesn’t that sound weird? But it’s true, people are making money just by selling their feet pictures on different online portals. If you are still wondering how you can make easy money with the help of your feet, be with this article for a little longer. Eventually, you will end up getting the idea of selling feet online and earn money through them. Excited!!! Let’s dive in.

Who’s Gonna Buy Them?

The same thought hit my mind when I came to know that people actually pay for getting feet pictures. Let me repeat my words, this isn’t a scam, and people literally buy these pictures and pay for them. You will be surprised when you will get to know about the fan base, who buys these pictures online. Just click some pictures of your feet, put a price tag, and there you go. You will get plenty of buyers who are craving to buy those pictures at your determined cost. Demand for these pictures is endless.

Where Can You Sell the Pictures?

Well, you got an idea of how the pictures are sold online. But, did I tell you about the online platforms where you can sell your feet pictures, and fill your pocket? No, I didn’t. Plenty of platforms are available on the internet where you can post pictures of your feet and make some money through them. The most popular platforms are FeetFinder and Instafeet. Along with these, you can also sell your feet images on renowned social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Facebook. 

How to Sell Them?

You need a business account on social media, and you are good to go for earning money by showing your bare feet. If you don’t have a business account, what are you waiting for? Go and create one. To sell those pictures on your social media handles, all you need to do is to put hashtags that are suitable for the pictures. The pictures will now be uploaded on your account, and as you have used hashtags, the buyers can easily find those when they will search for them. However, you need more followers to have a large number of buyers, so that you can sell your pics at the desired cost.

How Much Can You Make by Selling Your Feet Pics?

When you are going to do this for making money, then having an idea of how much you can earn from it is quite important. Let me tell you, it depends on your talent and how good you are at marketing your pictures. Anyway, you can easily make 20$ to 100$ in a month, but if you are putting your majority of time into this. You could also earn somewhat between 50-100$ weekly. Yes, you read it right, weekly. 

It doesn’t matter you are selling your pics for foot fetish, or just want to make some extra cash. At the end of the day, all that matters is some extra money is filling your pocket. What more does a freelancer want? Yup! I would always advise you that if you are wondering to make some extra cash by doing nothing. Feet selling concepts will suit you the best. Go for it.

Why Sell Those Pics?

I would say, why not? If someone is willing to pay such an amount just for your feet pictures. Then, who would rather say no for it, will you? Hopefully not. However, if you want to help yourself financially, and make yourself independent. 

You can go for it, but if you are looking forward to making this business a permanent source of income, then wait and think twice. Moreover, there is also an age limitation before getting involved in this job. Your age must be 18 or 18+, you should not put your leg in this shoe if you haven’t turned 18 yet. 

Online Platforms to Sell Your Feet Pictures:


On Facebook, you can give a boost to your business. Here, a plethora of groups are available in which people are sharing their bare feet pictures, and getting paid for that. So, if you are the one who is eager to make some extra cash and that too without getting out of your comfort zone. Go and join those Facebook groups and start sharing your pictures, you will get good money for that.


Instagram is a huge platform for sharing pictures and videos, and I am pretty sure that you also have an Instagram ID. But, you need to turn your normal account into a business account, to earn money by selling your feet pictures. Although, on Instagram, models share a variety of pictures according to the viewers’ needs. So, cementing your feet as a renowned Insta model, and selling your contents here could be more sophisticated than you have imagined. Nevertheless, the demand for feet pictures is also high here, and you will get your buyer if your content is more captivating.


Apart from these social media handles mentioned above, there are some sites available where you can show your feet to earn some money. Such websites are FeetFinder and Instafeet. If you are hesitating about sharing your feet pictures on social media platforms. You can go to these sites, along with FeetFinder and Instafeet, iStockphoto is also a renowned website for selling bare feet images.

Wrapping it Up!!!

Selling pictures of your bare feet and getting paid for it, can be a good source of earning some extra cash. However, if you are a teenager, I would always advise you to focus more on your studies and goals than getting evolved much more in it. If you have a financial problem, and your parents can’t bear your expenses now. You can think about this passion, it will help you to be financially independent. So, measure your situation first before getting into this field. My above-mentioned advice will help you a lot.

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