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How to Sell Nudes

how to sell nudes

Have you ever been in a relationship? If yes, then hopefully, sometimes, when the lust
triggers your relationship, both of you get naked and share nudes to satisfy each other. You
might have noticed that when he gets your nude pictures, he becomes more excited.
Hopefully, you might have thought once that if your nudes can turn on a man, then it might
be an excellent idea to sell nudes and make out some money. However, if you are
inquisitive about, How to sell your nudes? Where to sell nudes? How much can you earn
from it? If you are a beginner, then how to be a pro in it? Well, this article is all about
sorting out your curiosities. Let’s begin it.

How to Click Nudes Like a Pro?

I am sure you all are well aware of nudes. You might be thinking when you send a picture of
your boobs while taking it out from the bra, and your boyfriend gets so excited. But will
that be enough to make money by selling just a picture of your boobs? No, you have to do a
lot more to excite the audience. So, how can you make the viewers fall in love with your
body? For that, you need a good camera and different poses. You can take HD pictures if
you have an iPhone, or else you have to purchase an HD camera.
If you are not too shy, then hiring an amateur photographer can give you the desired
results. While preparing for the first nude photo shoot, you can see some nudes of those
who actually make good money from this job. You can try those poses or even make your
unique pose to make the audience intimate. In this way, when you will be more
experienced, your nudes can be the ones that the viewers will be craving for and make
themselves satisfied through masturbation.
When you have a collection of your nudes, you can sell it on various websites mentioned


If you search for the most genuine platform to sell your nudes, Onlyfans is one of them. This
is the most famous site nowadays. Plenty of Instagram influencers and Youtube vloggers

sell content like nude pictures, videos, and gifs, which can not be posted on any social
media or mainstream platform.
The website was launched in 2017 and has started gaining popularity since then. Because
of the 2020 lockdown, the site got so many viewers. Every viewer has to pay some money
to watch nudes. If you want to become a seller here, you have to create an account.
You can set your price structure depending upon the contents you are providing.
Remember, if you are a newbie, don’t put a huge price tag on your pictures because you are
here to outrank the professional in selling nudes. So, start with a low price tag and get more
OnlyFans pay 80℅ of the price for their model, which is why it outplayed all its opponents.


Like Onlyfans, ManyVids is one such platform where you can earn easy money by showing
your intimacy. Although it is not that popular as Onlyfans, so many models share their
nudes and make a good amount of money. It is a different platform than Onlyfans, as the
models available here are private citizens and amateur ladies.
Here, you can chat with your fans too. You can set your price according to your posts and
videos and make your yearly subscription plan. Here for the first year, you will get 90% of
your subscription charge from the site, and then it will be reduced to 80%. In case you are
sharing your nude videos, then the site will keep 40% of your earnings.


Have you ever gone through any website where the best body parts of a nude picture are
blurred? Do you also want to make your nudes look like that, and viewers have to pay extra
money to remove those blurred signs? SquarePeep is one such site that will help you earn
more money than any other site. Here you can upload a nude and cover it with some
squares. Put a price tag for every square, and the users will pay every penny of it to see you

However, you need to click an image that is too intimate so that viewers will go at any level
to see the complete image. If you want many viewers in your content, you can purchase the
VIP package for just 20$. However, the only demerit of this website is that if a user has
purchased the subscription, you will get a 70% payment. The site will keep the rest.

Premium Snapchat:

This platform is generally not considered for selling nudes and all. However, the Snapchat
premium is slightly different than Snapchat, as the premium offers you to private your
profile. You can only sell access to users who are actually interested in seeing you naked.
It also has limitless interaction between the seller and the viewers, and that’s why this is
one of the best platforms to sell your nude pictures. Moreover, you can easily upload your
content here, which will allow you to save some extra minutes of your daily routine.

Promoting the Content:

To get more and more viewers on your profile, you need to promote your content through
different social media platforms, such as Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. The more you will
promote the content, the more users you will get, so the earnings will also be doubled. So, it
becomes quite crucial to promote your content on an effective platform.

Last Minute Advice:

Nudes selling can help you earn a lot of money, but it also has some cons. It can trouble
your personal life, and you may not get the respect you wanted to earn. Nonetheless, it is a
decent way to earn money by sitting in your comfort zone. If you have that spark, make
your portfolio and dive into this field. Best of Luck!

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