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How to Sell on Kijiji

Kijiji is a local classifieds website that allows Canadians to trade products and services, find work, and grow their companies. Users can post or search for classified advertising to buy, sell, or rent practically anything on this website. Cars, homes, jobs, and a variety of other assets are among the possibilities. More than 100 cities in Canada and Italy have access to the websites.

It is Canada’s most popular online classified service. It receives three times the amount of traffic as its main competitor Craigslist.

How to Make Money on Kijiji

Making money through online classifieds is more complicated than simply placing an ad and waiting for the money to come in. You must be willing to put in some effort to close the sale.

Kijiji isn’t for everyone, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s simple. You may have sold stuff worth hundreds of dollars to local purchasers. Buyers came from out of town in some cases after seeing a Kijiji ad that suited their needs. Create a buy-and-sell email address without including your name.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in selling your items online:

Decide on a price

Look for items similar to yours in online classified ads and auction sites. You pay attention to the pricing, the item’s quality, and the number of people selling it at the same time. The greater the price you may ask for your thing, the more precious it is and in better condition it is. You think about how soon you want to sell it. For obvious reasons, cheaper items will sell faster on Kijiji.

Make your description

Give your item a description, and it is ideal to be as detailed as possible. Make a note of any damages and mention measurements, colors, and fragrances (if applicable). You could also want to provide your nearest junction (or the nearest intersection of the meeting location) so that others can see if you’re close enough to make the deal worthwhile. Let people know if you provide delivery. If you don’t, you should also mention it.

Respond to Inquiries

If you get a call or an email about your item(s), make sure to answer as soon as possible. The longer it takes you to respond to a potential customer, the less likely you are to close the deal.

Be Prepared to Bargain

Many people think of internet classified ads as yard sales. In the same way that most individuals haggle over costs at a yard sale, you can expect the same from your online sales. Not everyone will try to get a discount, but a significant number of people will. Prepare for this by pricing your things appropriately.

Weekly re-listing

Kijiji is a free classifieds website with thousands of users posting daily. Your sale products will never stay on the front page for more than a few minutes. It doesn’t take long for more individuals to comment, pushing your things lower down the page. For the next four weeks, make it a practice to re-list your products once a week.

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