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How to Sell on Kijiji

Do you have many unnecessary items in your house that you’d like to get rid of it? For that, Kijiji is a fantastic online marketplace. Kijiji has enabled many transactions with chat and easy search more than 6 million live listings at any given time and two more updated every second. If you have enough time, you can sell anything here. Get rid of the clutter and generate money with the items you have lying around.

What sells best in Kijiji?

Kijiji is an online classifieds site where you can buy and sell items. On the platform, you may also look for work and job openings. If you’re looking to sell something quickly or as a side hustle to supplement your income, some things sell like hotcakes on Kijiji.

  • Clothing for children and adults
  • Games for Adults and Children
  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes and accessories
  • Stereo, CDs, Movies, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and other technology-based things and entertainment
  • Books for children and adults
  • Toys and resources for children’s education
  • Sporting goods or seasonal items
  • Appliances and furniture

How to sell on Kijiji

Ads with good images 

People enjoy looking at photos, so you’ll receive a higher response if you include them. You’ll spend less time writing about the item and get fewer queries about details such as color and style. Even Kijiji and Craigslist will tell you that a well-designed featured image will draw more attention and get more hits. 

Price your Item

Look for something similar to yours on Kijiji. Look for one that is in a similar condition to yours. Make a range of prices you believe your item to sell. If you have the time, start at the higher end of the price range and see what kind of response you receive. If you merely want to make a quick buck, list the item at the lower end of the price range.

Put attention-grabbing title

Don’t only list the title of your item in your title. Add a few positive selling elements that will catch the buyer’s eye as they browse their options.

Few things to remember as a seller

  • Always respond to questions promptly. If you don’t answer within a few days, you’ll almost certainly lose the sale.
  • Clear, positive communication to entice the buyer while also reassuring them of your and the product’s reliability.
  • Never publish a photo of an item from an online ad or retailer on social media. Always take an image of the thing you’re selling before posting it.
  • Never sell an item that doesn’t work or is broken (unless the customer specifies otherwise).
  • Allow the buyer to inspect the item to ensure it works well.
  • Never be a pushy salesperson; instead, be honest and upfront about what you’re offering.
  • If the seller is interested, clarify the pricing once more and inquire about how and when they would pay for it.
  • If you both designate a meeting location and time, make sure you arrive on time.

To show potential buyers how you handle selling, request a review and rating.

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