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How To Solve TikTok Claim Issue “you visit too frequently”?

It is a common TikTok comment mistake that has been happening for the past few weeks. The security problem affects those who are trying to sign up for a new TikTok account those are attempting. We will look at what caused it and what you can do to avoid it from happening again.

What to do?

You may have spent the entire weekend on TikTok or dropped by a few times to see what’s new in the For You stream. Does this imply that you use TikTok excessively? Of course not, because TikTok would only benefit from active platform usage. Seeing the “You visit too frequently” message. The message “Try again later” indicates that your IP address is blocked.

When you try to sign back into an existing TikTok account, you get the visiting often TikTok alert. There are numerous reasons for this, and we will go through each one in detail below. For the time being, let’s see what we can do to resolve the problem.

How to repair TikTok’s “you visit too frequently” glitch?

It’s unclear what’s causing this problem, as TikTok hasn’t acknowledged it, but many speculated that the notice shows if you are using a VPN. It could also be the consequence of behaviour that could lead to your account being flagged as spam, such as logging in and out repeatedly or signing up for many from the same device.

While the following solutions aren’t guaranteed to help you get rid of the error message, they can help you figure out whether the problem is on your end or TikTok’s.

  • Turn off your VPN.
  • Restart your wireless router.
  • Change the router/internet source that you are using.
  • TikTok should be deleted and reinstalled.

Again, these aren’t guaranteed solutions, but trying all of them could help you address the problem until TikTok releases a more permanent solution. While these kinds of issues are usually only transitory, it is a good idea to contact TikTok support directly from their website if the problem persists.

Why TikTok blocks your IP address?

Your IP address may be blocked if you repeatedly login in and out of your TikTok account, triggering the spam filters. Assume opted to use a different upload post but changed your mind returned to your primary account. After then, you’ve swapped once more. Of course, not everyone uses TikTok 20 times every day, but they do exist. The TikTok account you are trying to access hasn’t been established yet. A public IP address is most likely to create an account as either bought or borrowed.

Many people still use Android and iOS emulators, even though TikTok provides browser access and Feed can watch on a PC. TikTok doesn’t like these mobile emulators. If you are trying to log in using an emulator, you will almost certainly get the You are visiting TikTok too frequently problem. Instead of utilizing an emulator, try logging in with a mobile device. It will most likely work.

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