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How to trade options in Canada?

Options are a type of asset that works as a stock derivative. It’s essentially a contract that states that the owner has the right to buy or sell the stock on which the option focuses at a predetermined price, on a predetermined date, or for a predetermined amount of time. An option permits you to buy or sell shares a fixed number of 100 shares at a certain period, but it is not a stock in and of itself, meaning it does not reflect ownership of a firm and does not entitle the owner to dividends payouts.

The value of an option gets determined by the price of the stock on the price. Before you can start purchasing and trading options, you’ll need to go through a brokerage. Typically, a brokerage would inquire about your trading history, income, and financial objectives. Nonetheless, the procedure is very similar to stock trading.

Predicting factors like rises, price, and falls

Most of the methodology around trading options focused on assumptions is why trade options are considered highly dangerous and only suitable for very experienced stock traders. You’re effectively betting on whether the price of a stock will climb or decline, which will influence the type of option you select. Opt for a call option, which indicates that you expect the stock’s price to rise and thus choose to buy the stock at a higher price at a later date. 

Opt for a put option, which indicates that you expect the stock’s price to fall and thus choose to sell shares at a specific price during a period.

Keep the strike price in mind.

Within a given period or date, an option must fall above or below a specific price. So, with call options, you want the stock price to rise above the price before the contract’s period ends, and for put options, you want the stock price to fall below the strike.

Options trading in Canada

A stock must get listed on a Canadian stock exchange to be accessible as an option in Canada.

How to trade binary options?

There are binary options among the options you can trade, which effectively take the option philosophy and agree on a definite outcome because there are only two alternatives: either the desired event happens or not.

Binary options trading gets frequently equated to gambling, and this isn’t entirely inaccurate. After all, you’re putting money down on the assumption that the market will flip in your favor. You choose your strike price, expiration date, and time, and then wait for the market to confirm your prediction.

Binary options have a silver lining in that you can never lose more money than you put in. If your forecast is incorrect, you will be penalized a flat price equal to the amount you spent, but not more. As a result, the risk you’re incurring is limited. Binary options start to veer near gambling territory and are not suitable for part-time or inexperienced investors.

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