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How To Upload Camera Roll To Snapchat Story – In Three Simple Steps

You will see that people are becoming social media addicts, and they can’t stop themselves from using the various social media platform where they post their stories, photos, and videos. You can observe these things even on your streets as many of the teenagers make weird faces looking at their phones, and it is normal as they are taking photos for their social media platforms. There are many social media platforms, and one of them is Snapchat, which is a great way to take photos or videos to send to your family or friends.

 In the following article, you will know about Snapchat and how to upload camera roll to snapchat story. Read the article with the utmost attention. If you are also facing any problem, upload a photo from your camera roll to your Snapchat story.

About the Snapchat

It is one of the popular social media platforms among youth for image messaging through mobile phone (both Android and iOS). You can use the application on your phone by simply installing it from the Google Play Store, and after that, you can easily exchange snaps (picture and video). You will love to know that after sharing the snaps, they will automatically disappear after they are viewed by the person they sent. The main reason behind the success of Snapchat is that it enables you to take photos and videos by adding different filters, lenses, and other beautiful effects to it.

Three simple steps for how to upload camera roll to Snapchat story

You will find some of the people who want to upload their previously clicked photo to their Snapchat story but don’t the way to do it. It is quite simple with the Snapchat app, but you should know the right way to do it, and when you learn that option, there are many various possibilities open for you in this application.

  • The first step is the basic thing a user should do is to provide the Snapchat application access to his gallery because there are some cases where the access is denied as of some internal factory settings. 
  • Now, the user needs to visit their camera roll and select the photo they wanted to upload on the Snapchat story. Click on the photo saved in your gallery and click on the share button. It will open up with various options, and you need to find out the Snapchat app icon and then select it by clicking the app icon. It will take you to the Snapchat app, where you can upload your photo.
  • In the last step, Snapchat will give you an option to edit your snap by using the different emoji’s, filters, and stickers. When you are done with the editing procedure, you can upload your story’s snap like any other photo.

You can use these steps for sharing the photo or any other video with your friends and family. You need to change the last step where you select the story option to personal chat.

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