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It’s Life Offers Soy Fiber Nutrition

Over the last few years our company, Sheffield Resource Network, has had the privilege of helping to develop and introduce to the direct sales arena over 100 health and personal care products. Some of our clients ask us to produce that unique “sizzle” product multi level marketing (MLM) distributors dream about. The reality is that many of these type of products have a short lifecycle. All products have life cycles, of course, but some such as General Foods’ Jello, DuPont’s nylon, and 3M Scotch Brand Tape have been on the market for over 30 years. Many shorter-life products sometimes have life cycles that are measured in months, as is common for products in the toy or fashion industry.

Our company has seen thousands of nutritional products come and go. Yet, there are some that will always stand the test of time. Just walk into any health food store. You will be overwhelmed with shelf after shelf of seemingly wonderful products promising everything from quick energy to cures akin to the old “snake oil” remedies of the medicine wagon peddler. Even so, the number one selling product is still the multi vitamin mineral tablet. I suspect the life cycle of this type of product will outlast you or me. Industry surveys have shown that over 48 percent of our population takes some type of vitamin on a regular basis.

Many times I have been asked by corporate executives as well as distributors, “If there was only one other product I could take for my general health and well being, what would you recommend?” Without hesitation, I would respond in one word, “fiber.” And, when that fiber is made from soy, along with important vitamins and minerals, you’ve got a tremendous combination. It’s just that combination that is offered by our featured company this month, IT’s Life.

Remember, your success in MLM is not based on the quick money you might make from the latest fad, but from products or services that provide you with a long-term income stream – i.e. products with a long lifecycle. Much as vitamin supplements have become commonplace, MLM distributors no longer have to convince their customers of the need for fiber supplementation. And the benefits of soy have also become well known. Your potential customers are probably already buying fiber, soy and vitamin/mineral supplement products from someone. You only have to convince your customer that you offer a superior product at a fair price. And, of course, the people at IT’s Life feel their nutritional shake is just that product.

To read more about the “Product of the Month,” be sure to check out section three of the March 1999 issue of Money Makers Monthly.

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