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Before you can even start thinking about how you are going to increase your traffic or make money from it you must first create an online presence. It is quite easy to create a free web presence from many different sources. Some of my favorites include,,, and These of course are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a host for your online business . Depending on your experience you may want to create a presence on more than one of these free hosting resources. Personally for my writing I have a blog, static content I use 000webhost, and if I want to make a small presence outside of my niche I use You will need to pick one and start creating the presence and content.

After you have the presence up and running with some good content it is time to begin marketing this presence no matter which one of the resources you choose above. If you want to increase your web traffic then you must first have some traffic. There are ways to get a bunch of traffic quick and one of the most common ways is by using traffic exchanges. A traffic exchange is a website that monitors your computer and when you look at someone else’s website in return they will look at yours. The problem with this form of traffic is the lack of targeting. When you are new to the online business world you should be focusing on the long term rather than what would give you a boost right now. Try to learn everything you can about search engine optimization and link building. If you combine these two things and begin doing them from the beginning after a year or so you should be at the top of Google.

The first step of search engine optimization is choosing which keywords you want to rank well for in Google and the other major search engines. Go to google and type in “google keyword tool” this search will bring up a tool that will show you the monthly traffic for any given term. Type the term into the box and hit enter. Look at the word you typed in and the 99 other related terms. Pick four or five of these terms and begin building links switching between all of these keywords. If you do this your website will come up for all the terms nice and slow. On the other hand if you only build links for one term the search engines will quickly spot and ban you. Some of the best places to build links include social bookmarking websites, do follow blogs, and article directories. You can find lists of these if you go to Google and type in list then what you are looking for. An example of this is “list of article directory websites” or “list of social bookmarking websites”.

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