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Make Money Online Ideas 2009

So we have reached 2009, but how are you going to make money online in 2009?

First, the phrase, “make money online in 2009″ has this wonderful ring to it.

Here are some ideas to start 2009 right away:


– My number 1 response to you is that you blog and that you stick to it. Blogging has completely changed the way I think about internet marketing and it’s so awesome how with very little effort to set up, you can have your own blog on a topic of your choice and then once you have some info on there, begin to make money online with it.

Create Unique Good Content

– Ashamedly – this is what I need to work on, but I’m getting more and more into it and the more that I get into it the more results I see. Listen, there are always going to be short cuts out there, but what you really need to do is focus on researched good unique content to add to your blog that is said in your own words. If you copy others – they will be pissed, you can get into a lot of trouble and Google doesn’t like repeat content anyways. I’m also aware of systems that make your content unique and allow you to put in keywords and it writes articles for you, but still it’s just not right and why fill up the internet with more useless garbage?

If you can, work towards building your own product

– Remember this: Affiliates get a piece, but owners get the majority! Yeah, it’s true that owners really are winning the make money online game. I have nothing against affiliate programs and I’m involved in some myself, however, the owners of those companies are the ones that make the most money from them because they get downlines and those guys are fighting hard to get sign ups that keep the business alive, but mainly for the business owner. With that being said, work towards creating your own product because then you can sell it and make the full amount off of it. Put it on Clickbank and get affiliates to help you sell it. See, that’s where the money really is.

Make sure you are building a subscriber list

– People will follow others that are making sense to them and seeing their success, so why not utilize this by having a subscription service like Feedburner on your blog? This is so essential because then as you grow your subscribers, you grow your traffic and eventually the bottom line is that you will make way more money online because your subscribers will get first crack at anything new you put out there, plus they can create more traffic for you if they mention something themselves on their own blog or social networks. It’s probably more essential then what you think.

Educate Yourself

– Understand that this is a process and that you can’t just wake up one day and say that you are going to make money online and create your own blog and get optimized and write content and come up with a product – bla bla bla. Wake up and learn a little bit every day and before you know it, you will look back in 2009 and say wow look where I started and now look where I am at. It’s a really great accomplishment to actually do the hard work you need to do, plus it reaps better in the end.

Have Fun Doing it

– Seriously, don’t pick something that you are going to struggle with day after day to get it going. Nobody wants to be in a relationship like that, so why would you want to put yourself through struggling to make money online with bicycles when really you love cars?

Don’t Quit

– There’s nothing worse than getting stuff set to to have it fizzle in a month or two. Come on man! Work at it. Maybe this only means 1 post a week. You have to come up with something and stick with it and don’t stress yourself out if you fail once in awhile, but rather just pick right back up and keep going. There are mistakes and even more mistakes that I will make with this site, but I don’t want to just give it up although everyone else that’s trying to do the same thing wants you to.

That’s enough for now! I’m excited to dive into 2009, begin learning more and sharing my ideas about how to make money

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