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Mobile Shopping Revolution

Social Media, Technology, Long lines and crowded streets can make Christmas shopping more than distressing. However, during this holiday season shoppers are starting to intensely use their smartphones and tablets to make shopping much easier with useful applications that allow shoppers to scan barcodes and compare prices on the go.

Shoppers can find easily from their mobile smartphones

This is certainly the time of the shopping revolution. Now shoppers have the ammunition they need to grab the best deals and find reviews about items on their shopping lists. They can do it anytime, anywhere from their smartphone. From studying the market before making purchases, to sharing a fascinating bargain with friends and family members, a recent survey commissioned by Nielsen demonstrates that smartphone and tablet owners are successfully turning their smartphones into great shopping tools that to make their shopping pleasant and hassle-free.

Most smartphone users take their mobile devices everywhere they go, and Nielsen discovered that tend to use their phones for in-store activities. 78% of respondents say they have used their smartphone for finding the location of the store, and another 63% say they have compared prices online. In fact, smartphone users are 3 times more likely to use their mobile device for different in-store activities, from claiming mobile coupons to using shopping lists.

No more waiting in line using your mobile smartphone

Just several years ago the image of an online shopper was a housewife sitting in front of her home PC after the children went to bed and doing some shopping then. These days, the image of a shopper is you are waiting to get your car washed and you’re shopping with your smartphone. It has immensely revolutionized the way people do their shopping because now a mini computer is at their disposal everywhere they go.

The statistical data shows that 9 out of 10 people have a cell phone of some kind. This is no longer a luxury unavailable to the poor. In fact, the recent data is surprising: poor people are refusing from their landlines. They don’t have a hardwired phone and an expensive PC at home. However, they choose to invest money in getting access to the Internet, because they realize how important it is. Thus, even poorer families are increasingly turning to smartphones since they can easily find inexpensive Chinese models on the market, that might look not so classy as original iPhone, but they have all the functionality in one package. They regard their smartphone as the family computer and the family phone.

Get help how provide services about mobile smartphones

The smartphone, and other Internet-enabled devices of this kind, have already become a vital part of the shopping experience, which means that marketers and retailers are facing the need to adapt their strategies to these changes to improve the mobile experience. The mobile shoppers, on their part, need to ensure their smartphone doesn’t get lost or stolen as it might be a real tragedy to them – they risk losing not just a convenient device, but also tons of personal data. Cell phone spyware can help them ensure their smartphones will be with them until they decide to replace them with a brand-new handset.

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