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Nostalgic Vibes: The ’70s Font in Canva

The 1970s was a decade filled with unique and iconic design trends, including typography. The bold and groovy fonts from that era have made a comeback, capturing the nostalgia and retro vibes in modern design. If you’re looking to infuse your designs with the spirit of the ’70s, Canva, a popular graphic design platform, offers a range of options to incorporate the ’70s font style into your projects. In this article, we will explore how you can embrace the ’70s font in Canva and create designs that exude vintage flair.

Exploring Canva’s Font Library:

Canva provides an extensive library of fonts, including various options that resemble the typography of the 1970s. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Access Canva: Visit Canva’s website ( and log in to your account.
  • Open a Design: Choose the type of design you want to work on, such as a social media post, flyer, or poster. Canva offers templates for different design categories to help you get started quickly.
  • Select Text Element: Click on the “Text” option in the Canva editor to add a text element to your design canvas.
  • Browse Fonts: In the text editing panel, click on the font dropdown menu to explore the vast collection of fonts. Look for fonts with a retro or vintage feel that resonate with the ’70s aesthetic.

Popular ’70s Font Styles:

The ’70s was a diverse era for typography, featuring various font styles. Here are a few popular ’70s font styles you can consider incorporating into your designs:

  • Groovy Fonts: These fonts are characterized by psychedelic and curvy letterforms. They often feature flowing lines, exaggerated serifs, and decorative elements.
  • Disco Fonts: Disco-era fonts are bold, vibrant, and full of energy. They often have thick letterforms, exaggerated shapes, and a sense of motion.
  • Brush Script Fonts: Brush script fonts became popular in the ’70s, with their hand-drawn and casual appearance. They add a touch of informality and spontaneity to designs.
  • Futuristic Fonts: The ’70s saw the rise of futuristic and space-inspired fonts. These fonts often feature geometric shapes, sharp angles, and a sense of technological advancement.

Pairing and Styling ’70s Fonts:

To make your ’70s font designs stand out, consider the following tips:

  • Contrast: Create contrast by pairing a bold ’70s font with a simpler, more modern font for titles or headings.
  • Colors: Opt for vibrant and contrasting colors commonly associated with the ’70s era, such as bright oranges, yellows, and purples.
  • Effects: Experiment with text effects like shadows, gradients, or even retro patterns to enhance the ’70s aesthetic.
  • Layout: Play around with placement and arrangement of text elements, using unconventional alignments or overlapping to capture the retro feel.

Customizing and Saving ’70s Font Designs:

Once you have selected and styled your ’70s font in Canva, consider these final steps:

  • Fine-Tune: Adjust the size, spacing, and alignment of your text to ensure it fits harmoniously within your design.
  • Save and Export: Click on the “Save” button in the Canva editor to save your design. Canva allows you to export your design in various formats, such as JPEG or PNG, suitable for different purposes.

With Canva’s font library and design features, you can easily infuse your designs with the groovy and nostalgic charm of the ’70s fonts. Explore the various font options, experiment with pairings and styling, and let your creativity transport your audience back to the vibrant era of the 1970s. Whether you’re creating social media graphics, posters, or invitations, Canva empowers you to embrace the ’70s font and create designs that pay homage to this iconic decade.

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