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Hi, my name is Dr. David Glass. Not only am I the founder of Hackstacks, I'm also a retired vascular surgeon with over 35 years of experience in conventional medicine.

Being a surgeon requires tremendous focus and is incredibly stressful for many of us in the medical field. During those long days, I frequently struggled with fatigue; and on many afternoons after a number of back-to-back surgeries, I would experience what people now call brain fog.

And it wasn’t just me--over the years I heard similar problems from both colleagues and many of my patients.

Personally, I knew that I couldn’t continue this way. Over time my cognitive problems were getting worse, not better. So I began to put my scientific training to use experimenting with myself and a few friends as guinea pigs.

After trying many different things I finally discovered a secret: I found that adding a combination of little-known nutritional supplements and exotic herbs to my daily routine helped me penetrate the brain fog and regain the sharp mental edge I desperately needed to be effective as a healer.

Now I am in the position to offer help to people who need to do the same thing.

I want to tell you about a new word: nootropics. This word combines the Greek words for “mind” or “thought” and “change.” Nootropics are special nutritional supplements that improve learning, decision making, memory, focus, creativity and motivation.

Here’s another word, even newer: biohacking. Some people refer to this as “do it yourself biology” or “personal science.” Biohackers believe your health and performance are the individualized result of dozens of lifestyle choices. What foods make you smarter and others less smart? What exercises boost your energy or slow you down? What about sleep? Sunshine? Naps? Coffee? And of course, what nootropics put you into high gear and give you what some call “an unfair advantage.”

I’m glad you came to our website because you can’t get this information from your average M.D. who hasn’t studied things like nootropics, biohacking, or brain optimization.

When I became a physician, I swore to uphold the Hippocratic oath and do my best to help patients. I've continued this mission in the years since my retirement, focusing my attention on the development of a novel nootropic supplement called Cognamind.

Cognamind contains a balanced profile of mind enhancing ingredients--called a stack--that work together synergistically to give you the best possible results. Cognamind’s ingredients have been proven in human clinical trials to support mental clarity, concentration, focus, memory, and learning new material.

Cognamind is perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and students looking for a performance edge, as well as people who worry about declining cognitive functions and even “brain fog.”

Cognamind is Hackstack’s first cognitive enhancement product. Later this year we will be launching additional biohacking nootropic stacks. We know you have options and are certain you will love how you feel using Cognamind.

I welcome all your feedback and thoughts.

To your optimal health and peak performance,

David M. Glass, M.D.


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