Does this stuff really work?

The short answer is YES. Our scientists carefully chose Cognamind’s ingredients to address the demanding mental challenges of life in the 21st century, and to do it from multiple angles. Each component used in Cognamind has clinical and laboratory research demonstrating improvements in cognition, memory, learning, mental energy, alertness, clarity and/or focus. That said, each person’s body and brain chemistry is slightly different, and those differences may alter how profoundly any individual feels Cognamind’s benefits.

How will Cognamind help me?

Our scientists designed Cognamind to improve cognition, memory, learning, mental energy, alertness, clarity and focus, and to do it all without giving users the jitters, a post-use crash, or any other unpleasant feelings. People can use our formula to help them study, work longer hours, focus on detailed tasks for extended periods of time, be more confident in social situations, reduce career anxiety, and even be sharper and more effective in sports and athletic performance. Cognamind may be helpful for you in just about any situation that calls for your mental performance to be better.

What is Cognamind?

Cognamind is a carefully and precisely formulated nutritional supplement made of patented and standard plant extracts, herbs, amino acids, and vitamins. It is classified as a nootropic, which means Cognamind is a substance that can positively impact brain function.

How does Cognamind work?

Cognamind is better than any other nootropic available because of our advanced approach to formulation. Cognamind employs only research-backed ingredients that impact the brain through multiple pathways. By combining these multi-function capacity-boosters, Cognamind promises a significant improvement in mental performance.

What does it feel like to take Cognamind?

Cognamind is specifically create to target a broad range of brain and mental function. This means that Cognamind’s range of benefits will show up in different ways for different individuals and in different situations. While you’re at work you may find you end are working longer without looking at the clock. When learning new material, students may find that studying harder and retention come much more easily than ever before. If you experience social anxiety, you may find yourself calmer and more grounded while you’re out. And others may notice that they simply feel, well, smarter.

How fast will I notice the effects with Cognamind?

Some Cognamind users report benefits almost immediately within 30-60 minutes of taking a regular 2-capsule serving. Sustained improvement in mental function is often reported after anywhere from a few days to a few weeks of use.

Why does HackStacks use branded or trademarked ingredients.

Branded ingredients are patented and trademarked forms of ingredients that usually offer some obvious advantage over standard or unbranded ingredients. Branded ingredients are typically more potent, effective in unique ways, have greater bioavailability, and otherwise provide benefits superior to unbranded counterparts. Also, branded ingredients are usually backed by research that includes human clinical trials. The downside of branded ingredients is they are always more costly than standard alternatives, and are not always better. As part of our product design process, the HackStacks science team has identified best possible choices to deliver results and to make Cognamind the best nootropic possible.

What are the benefits of using Cognamind for an extended period?

Each person’s brain and body are different which means it’s difficult to say exactly how Cognamind will affect you. Many people find that as they continue to use Cognamind the mental performance benefits get better. Some people have reported that over time improvements in things like focus and clarity become more of less permanent. On top of enhancements in cognition, memory, learning, mental energy, alertness, clarity and/or focus, the ingredients in Cognamind have been shown to facilitate blood flow, increase levels of certain neurotransmitters and other brain chemicals, and generally nourish the brain for long term healthy aging and, healthy brain structure, and neural plasticity.

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