Shift Your Brain Into Overdrive


If you’re not already using COGNAMIND™ by HACKSTACKS at work... at school... at sports... even important social situations...

Then you’ve been trying to succeed with a severe handicap.

In today’s world you need a serious performance edge to maintain your lead.

"I used to have trouble focusing and remaining on task. By 2:30 in the afternoon, I had expended my mental energy and I couldn’t get anything significant done. For me, 4-5 cups of coffee a day were mandatory. Then I started using Cognamind. After a week I realized I had stopped going on my afternoon coffee run altogether. Not only do I never feel that mental lull, I feel more refreshed when I wake up and I’m ready to attack the day faster than ever. It’s like I have a larger reserve of mental energy to draw from."


Imagine your brain delivering it’s very best every time you need it.

COGNAMIND™ by Hackstacks helps your brain perform better every day so you excel at the mental and physical tasks you must do well to successfully reach your goals.

Consistently be your best at simple yet demanding tasks like writing, reading or attending a lecture, as well as complex ones like test taking, public speaking or making million-dollar sales presentations…

Easy Memory Recall of details like names, places, equations, prices, dates and times, and other important facts stored deep in your consciousness

Diamond Clarity to cut through occasional anxiety, overwhelm, brain fog, or insecurity

Extreme Focus making it easier to deal with the huge amounts of information that is part of life in the 21st century

All-Day Mental Energy to power through all the make-or-break parts of your experience in work or play.


Entrepreneurs | Executives | Professionals | Students

Whatever your job and whatever your age...

Your daily life is far more demanding than it was for anyone who lived even a hundred years ago and it’s not going to get any easier...

On any single day you can be expected to make far more decisions using far more information than a typical adult did in their entire lifetime for most of human history.

For many people these demands cause stress, overwhelm, confusion… And for some this is completely exhausting...

Your brain needs help...

Your personal human brain is the most magnificent, sophisticated information handling structure in all of nature...

But all by itself your basic brain may not be up to the challenges you are required to face every day.

Researchers tell us that humans use approximately 10% of their mental capacity. 10% was fine fifty thousand years ago, but today it isn’t nearly enough.

What if there was something that could bring the rest of your brain online and into the 21st Century giving you access to more of that pure power?

COGNAMIND Changes Everything...

COGNAMIND is a radical nootropic stack designed by Hackstack’s science team to meet the unique demands of 21st century work and play.

COGNAMIND is a potent combination of advanced natural and laboratory-developed substances including leading edge patented herbal extracts, amino acids and nutritional supplements.

It works synergistically with your body’s own neurotransmitters, enzymes and hormones to safely give you the ultra-sharp performance edge you need.

What makes COGNAMIND the most
effective nootropic today?

Expert Development Team

HackStacks’ team of scientists, experts in biochemistry, medicine, nutritional supplements, and most importantly — human performance — chose each ingredient in the Cognamind stack for a singular purpose: to bring you the very best, most effective mental support system possible.

Research Based

We based Cognamind’s formula on solid research. Human clinical trials show that ingredients in Cognamind significantly improve brain performance, speed, recall, along with other critical mental functions in healthy adults. [reference footnotes]

Full Transparency

It’s important for you to know exactly what substances you’re putting in your body. That’s why we didn’t use a “proprietary blend” to hide the details of our formula. Instead, we’ve listed the precise weights for each of COGNAMIND’s active ingredients in milligrams or micrograms so you get the information you need to make the right decisions for your health and your performance .

The Cognamind Advantage

What's in Cognamind?

Cognamind™ is a precise combination of nootropic ingredients carefully selected and blended to deliver maximum
benefits of mental energy, sustained focus and improved memory.

Neurofactor™ Whole Fruit Coffee Extract

Neurofactor is an all-natural product extracted from the whole fruit of the coffee plant, Coffea Arabica. Human clinical research has shown that whole fruit coffee concentrates significantly raise levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Higher levels of BDNF support a wide array of cognitive benefits including growth of new neurons, support for healthy neurons, and cognitive functions including memory, learning and thinking. John J. Ratey, author of “Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain,” calls BDNF “Miracle-Gro” for your brain.