HackStacks’ team of scientists, experts in biochemistry, medicine, nutritional supplements, and most importantly — human performance — chose each ingredient in the Cognamind stack for a singular purpose: to bring you the very best, most effective mental support system possible.


We based Cognamind’s formula on solid research. Human clinical trials show that ingredients in Cognamind significantly improve brain performance, speed, recall, along with other critical mental functions in healthy adults.


We didn’t use a “proprietary blend” to hide the details of our formula. Instead, we’ve listed the precise weights for each of COGNAMIND’s active ingredients in milligrams or micrograms so you get the information you need to make the right decisions for your health and your performance.

What's in Cognamind?

Cognamind™ is a precise combination of nootropic ingredients carefully selected and blended to deliver maximum benefits of mental energy, sustained focus and improved memory.

Neurofactor™ Whole Fruit Coffee Extract

Neurofactor is an all-natural product extracted from the whole fruit of the coffee plant, Coffea Arabica. Human clinical research has shown that whole fruit coffee concentrates significantly raise levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Higher levels of BDNF support a wide array of cognitive benefits including growth of new neurons, support for healthy neurons, and cognitive functions including memory, learning and thinking. John J. Ratey, author of “Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain,” calls BDNF “Miracle-Gro” for your brain.


Theacrine is an alkaloid compound similar to caffeine but with novel differences. Like caffeine, theacrine promotes energy, alertness, and focus, and it also reduces occasional fatigue. But unlike caffeine, the effects taper off gradually and last longer, and – surprisingly – theacrine seems to have a relaxing and anti-stress effect. Also important is that tolerance to theacrine develops slowly if at all. Theacrine’s benefits are enhanced when it is combined with caffeine.

Cognizin® CDP-Choline

Cognizin is a patented form of cytidine diphosphate-choline or CDP, also called citicholine. Citicholine is naturally occurring in the cells of human and animal tissue. Studies show that citicholine supplements help improve focus and mental energy, along with memory. CDP-choline supplementation increases dopamine receptor densities, increases cerebral blood flow, supports improved glucose metabolism, and reduces oxidative stress.

Natural Caffeine (from Green Tea)

Caffeine is the world’s best known central nervous system stimulant and is the world’s most consumed psychoactive substance. The caffeine contained in COGNAMIND is completely natural and extracted from Green Tea.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A (often just called Huperzine), is an alkaloid substance extracted from the Huperziceae herb that has been used for centuries to help with alertness and memory. Huperzine A works as a cognitive booster and memory enhancer. It helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine known as the learning transmitter, thus improving mental performance and supporting healthy brain function. Huperzine is known to work synergistically with Caffeine and Choline.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monniere is a medicinal herb used for hundreds of years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Called "Brahmi" after Brahmā, the creator God of the Hindu pantheon, Bacopa has a history as a potent cognitive enhancer, stress reliever, and brain supporter. More recently, bacopa is used to improve memory formation and recall speed, make learning faster and easier, enhance clarity of thought, and augment overall brain function. Bacopa is also useful for reducing stress, and inducing a sense of calm and tranquility and reducing feelings of stress. Users report that it is an excellent general relaxant and can improve the quality of sleep, so they wake feeling rested and refreshed.


L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea leaves. Its chemical structure is similar to the neurotransmitter Glutamate. L-Theanine's similarity to Glutamate, one of the two key compounds responsible for signal transmission in the brain, makes L-Theanine valuable as a nootropic supporting overall learning, focus, and memory. L-Theanine is also shown to increase the brain’s levels of dopamine and serotonin, reducing feelings of stress and enhancing general well-being. L-Theanine combines well with caffeine, boosting the combination’s effect on focus and alertness while decreasing jittery and stressful effects.

Sensoril® Ashwagandha Extract

Sensoril is a patented extract of both the root and leaf of the Ashwagandha plant. A traditional herb with an ancient history, experts classify "The King of Ayurveda" as an adaptogen, a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily processes. Ashwagandha is not typically thought of as a nootropic because it has so many documented effects on other body systems. It has positive effects on supporting healthy systemic inflammation, sleep quality, cortisol levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, physical power output, and the immune system, along with an extensive list of other effects. As a nootropic, ashwagandha supplementation impacts the GABA and serotonin neurotransmitters. It is commonly used to reduce stress and fatigue, as well as to improve mood and motivation.


Methylcobalamin is the “active” form of vitamin B12. It is almost identical to the more common form of B12 with the addition of one methyl group. Vitamin B12 is essential to human health, specifically allowing for the efficient operation of the central nervous system as well as all neurological tissues.


Trans-Resveratrol is the bioactive form of resveratrol, a polyphenol produced in a variety plants, especially berries and grapes and it is thought to be responsible for the reported health benefits of red wine. It is classified as an ampakine and seems to adjust certain neuroreceptors in the brain, along with being a powerful antioxidant. Resveratrol supplementation can boost dopamine production, BDNF, and blood flow in the brain.


GABA is one of the two main “inhibitory” neurotransmitters responsible for reducing stimulation of nerve cells, inducing relaxation as a result. PharmaGABA is a natural form of GABA produced by a fermentation process by the same bacteria used to manufacture traditional Korean kimchi. PharmaGABA is distinct from normal GABA in that it can cross the blood-brain barrier, producing clinical effects in smaller quantities. PharmaGABA contributes as a nootropic by lowering stress and inducing relaxation. It is also valuable for smoothing out potential side-effects of caffeine and other stimulants.

BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract

BioPerine is a patented extract taken from the black pepper fruit. Black pepper has been used in many traditional health systems including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and is considered in those systems as essential to human health. BioPerine is used to enhance bioavailability and multiply the effect of other nootropic ingredients.

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