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Surprise With Your Candle Wrapped Gift

When it comes to gift wrapping for candles, there are a variety of possibilities. You don’t need much when wrapping candles because you can improvise with tissue. Tissue papers outperform wrapping papers and add a pleasant finishing touch to the gift bag. Because of their lightweight, tissue sheets are also easy to handle.

Gift Bag or Box

If you prefer to use a gift bag or box to wrap gifts for the holidays and special occasions, we’ve got you covered. One of the most eco-friendly ways to display tastefully from year to year is to wrap them in a reusable bag or box.

  • Choose a bag or box that is appropriate for the candle’s size.
  • If your candle comes in a glass container, wrap it in thicker tissue paper before putting it in the bag to keep it safe.
  • Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme, place the candle in the bag/box.
  • With gift bags, you can save a lot of trees. They’re reusable need a small amount of tissue paper. Simple pinch a piece of paper, place it in the bag and open the display end to hide the candle.
  • If you’re using a box, make sure there’s plenty of thick, recyclable tissue paper inside. The candle will not move or damaged in this manner.

Method of the “Candy Wrapper”

This method is perfect for a candle that you plan to lie on its side rather than stand up, as the final gift wrap looks like a piece of candy.

  • Cut a piece of gift wrap to fully encircle the candle, leaving a 12-inch overhang to tape it close.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of paper on both sides of the candle. You won’t have to worry about excess paper because you won’t fold or pleating it this time.
  • Make sure the candle is in the middle of the paper tube, then carefully twist one end of the pipe around. Carefully fold the paper to avoid ripping it, and hold the candle to prevent it from sliding down the line.
  • Twist the opposite end of that. To prevent the form from untwisting, tie the ends with a ribbon or tape it.

Using a plastic paper bag

In this situation, the candle will be wrapped in a clear plastic bag that is firm. Insert the candle into the bag, which is only open on one side. Squeeze the bag to the centre and tie a ribbon around it. You could use a more bright ribbon and make it more interesting by matching it to the colour candle.

On the other hand, the paper’s edges are already exquisite, so leave them alone. To make the present more appealing, wrap a letter around the edge with a greeting for the receiver. Because it is so simple, I prefer this wrapping gift concept.


Candles are among the most popular presents. It’s good reason! They’re durable, portable and with this guide, we demonstrated they’re simple to wrap. Or at the very least, more than they appear. So, the next time you’re looking for a gift, consider a candle. That way, you’ll be able to demonstrate your gift-wrapping prowess!

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