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Video Marketing – First Page Google in 24hours

Video Marketing is an efficient way to promote your business. Customers are attracted to a product rapidly if the same is promoted by visual based ads. Ansel Adams, the famous US landscape photographer once said, “A picture speaks thousand words”. If a picture can speak thousand words, videos can tell you a complete story! We live in a very busy world and we have to deal with quality obsessed customers. Most of today’s customers do not have time or do not bother to read a detailed print material where everything about your business is detailed. They are quickly inclined to a brochure with lots of images or a crisp yet enlightening video advertisement.

If you thought that free video sharing websites like YouTube and MetaCafe are meant for people who want to share their family moments with relatives or for teenagers to share funny stuff, you probably didn’t notice the possibility of using these sites as an effective marketing tool. These websites are an easy and inexpensive method for you to promote your local business. You can shoot a small video of your shop by yourself or hire a local videographer to shoot and edit your own advertisement. This advertisement can easily reach your local community and more people will come to know about your business.

When you begin with video marketing, you can try with some already existing footage which you shot to promote your business or you can borrow a handycam from your friend and shoot it by yourself. This will help you to cut video production costs. There are some uploading tools which will upload your video to several directories. Get help of such uploading tools. Traffic Geyser and Tube Mogul are two major uploading tools used in video marketing.

Watching several commercial advertisements and other promo videos will help you get some idea for your own footage. Your video should be very informative in the first place. It should clearly explain where your shop is located, how can someone reach there, products and services you offer, possible advantages of a consumer if they do business with you, discounts going on, warranty on products etc in the footage. Try not to exceed 3 minutes so that your viewer will pay complete attention to the footage without getting distracted.

Advanced editing techniques and right background music will make your footage look very professional. You can seek a professional video editor’s help for this. A video editor can help you in picking up the right titles and fonts for the video and the necessary color enhancements. You should attain the maximum sharpness and resolution to your clip while uploading to directories.

The last part in an effective video marketing is the information you provide with your video. You should be able to enter sufficient metadata so that search engines can quickly pick your video in their search results. When you upload your video in a directory like YouTube, try to give appropriate title which mentions the type of business you do and the location. Entering as many keywords or tags possible will help search engines to pick up your footage if someone search with a tag you entered in your video. You should avoid inappropriate tags because it will only help you get several hits but will not actually promote your business. There is a possibility that spam filters will exclude your video while searching.

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