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Why and How to Remove Mass Tumblr Posts

As one already knows, Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that brings thousands of posts on the site daily. There are around 105.6 million blogs available on Tumblr, which can be intimidating to one who doesn’t use it. Tumblr is a platform that can be of so much use for many reasons.

Removing mass posts

Now there are times when one wants to delete posts, and there are many. When one wants to posts something once, it can be very easy But, when one wants to delete, it is very time-consuming and a tiring take.

How to mass delete Tumblr posts?

There are times when one has had an account for a long time, and there is a lot of unwanted stuff one wants to delete all at once. But, one point is that after once one deletes a post, there is no going back. There is no choice of getting the same position. The only job is to remove; hence, one needs to take care of what one wants to delete.

Removing one post doesn’t break one’s sweat but removing mass posts does. It is hard because it does involve choosing a group of text posts.

The easy way!

Repeating the method of selecting as well as removing can be very tricky. But compared to deletion of a single post, this is a better method. One answer to how to mass delete Tumblr posts are:

  • Sign in to one’s Tumblr account that will take one to the dashboard
  • Once landing on one’s dashboard, select my “account,” available at the rightmost corner of one’s account. A human-head icon is the one with the “account” icon. Upon clicking the button, there will be a drop-down menu
  • From that menu, select the “posts” icon. This icon will take to another page that contains the original posts.
  • After selecting the “posts” icon, there will be four buttons appeared, one of which will be mass post Icon.” Click on the button. Once one has clicked the button, all the Tumblr posts will come in tiles. All ones original would be present arranged in the format of the months one posted them.
  • Once one has selected the number of original posts, one wants to delete them. All one has to do is select the “Delete” button available in the right corner. Click on that particular button, and a confirmation link will come up.
  • Next, select the “OK” icon. Once one clicks that button. All the posts one has selected will be removed permanently from one’s Tumblr account.

This method is the most effective one to Mass Delete and can delete 100 posts at once

To conclude, although posts can be deleted by removing them one at a time. It can be a very tiring and boring task. This is why people prefer to choose this method if they want to delete more posts permanently. So, if one is looking for the same, he or she can try it.

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