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Worried About Your eBay Account Suspended How To Get Back? Here’s How?

Are you worried about your eBay account suspended how to get back? There is nothing to freak about. The eBay account may occasionally be suspended or restricted by the corporation due to one reason. In case the company restricts or suspends your account, you will be receiving mail from the company informing you about the steps you should take to restore your account. 

Before getting into further details, we must know why your eBay account was suspended? The main reasons why your account might be suspended are: 

●      Dues left 

You’ve not paid your eBay fees yet. In case the account holder has not paid the fees in due time, the account might get suspended temporarily. 

●      Violation of rules 

If the account holder has violated any of the company’s rules or policies, at first, the account will be receiving a warning from the company. If further violations are done, the company immediately suspends the account. 

●      Verification 

If the account information can not be verified, the suspension of the account can be done. Once you verify the account details, the account is reinstated. 

●      Updation 

Updating the payment methods following the company

What happens when the eBay account is suspended? 

When the account is restricted, some of the actions are suspended by the company. On the reinstatement of the account, all the actions can be continued. When the eBay account is suspended, the following actions can’t be performed:

● Biding, buying, or selling products

● Leaving the feedback 

● Updation or modification in listings 

● Contacting the bidders 

● Replying to the messages 

How to reinstate a suspended eBay account? 

The suspended account can be reinstated easily if we know the exact reason why it was suspended. The reason behind the suspension of the account will be given in the message that the company has sent you. 

Depending upon the reason, it will be determined whether the account can be reinstated or not. If the account was suspended because of refund reimbursement or outstanding seller fees, it could be resolved by making a one-time payment. As soon as the company receives the payment, the suspension of the account is removed. Most of the suspensions or restrictions can be settled by following the email steps or by making a one-time payment. If the issue is still not resolved, contact eBay customer services. 

Watch out for fake account hold or suspension notices. 

Many companies send fake notices to the customers, always confirming the notice before responding to it. To check the authenticity, go to eBay messages; if you find a copy of the notice there, it was sent from eBay. Fake emails can cause security and safety issues. Most of the suspensions can be resolved by simply following the steps given in the mail. But before following the steps checking the authenticity of the mail is important. Responding directly to the fake mails can result in loss of money or even hacking of the account. 

So there’s no need to worry about your eBay account suspended how to get back. Just be calm and follow the steps. 

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