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For the past few years Article Marketing has really made its place in internet marketing. Hundreds of people have tried their hand at writing articles to get traffic to their websites. Software products, website tools, article directories, and forums have all been made in the name of article marketing. The reason that article marketing is so successful is because there are thousands of article directories to submit your articles to for free. Article marketers and authors love taking advantage of that fact that many websites have tools to help automate their efforts and make their lives easier. Review some of the tools that are available to help article marketers Article Submitter – There are literally thousands of article directories available where you can submit your articles. Visiting these many article directory sites and setting up account does take some time. Once you have your accounts setup your next step would be to use auto submission because it can save you hundreds of hours of work by submitting your articles all at once to the many article directories. Auto submissions come in many different forms as some are web-based and online where others are software you download and use on your desktop. Article Spinner – Spinners come in many different forms and some of them can do more harm to your articles than good. You want to be careful when you choose what article spinner to use. Using a properly built spinner can produce great results by taking your article to changing sentences and paragraphs with alternative sentences and paragraphs which will give you unique articles. An article spinner could save you many hours so you do not have to re-write your articles by hand just to have unique and fresh content. Content Creator – There are many softwares that claim to be able to produce content most of these content creators leave a lot to be desired though. There is one article directory website that has full html capabilities with the ability to insert images, videos, and other elements. Using proper content creation can transform your article into a true work of art. Fortunately you can find these tools and many other tools located on one website. These tools are designed to help article marketers and authors with the creation and submission of their content. The submission service is very unique as it allows you to submit traditional articles or spun articles to a unlimited amount of directories. The spinner will allow you to create properly readable articles with a very user friendly interface. Creation mode allows many possibilities as it is 100% unique and will allow you to create articles sales pages, output for pdf files for ebook creation, full html ability with import for images, video, flash and other elements. Great unique article content is the key to having visitors return to your website on a regular basis, and if you use the membership site that offers all of these tools you will be able to produce great content for your website, your blog or for the article directories. Using a membership site that offers all these tools in one place will end up saving you many hours or work.

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