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How to Spot a Ptc Scam Site

I’m reposting this for you to know how to spot a PTC scam site. Sites that are not on my recommended PTC sites are not there for a reason. Most of those reasons are already listed here so please take time to read.

I’ve been a PTC earner for more than a year now and so far, more than 50% of the PTC sites I joined turned out to be scam sites after just a few weeks. So, I can say that with my experience, I’ve got a good eye now when it comes to determining which ones would eventually turn out to be scam sites or will end up as one.

On this post, I hope to share with you some tips on how you can tell if a certain money-making site will turn out to be a scam site or if they oughta be trusted. They’re very simple tips but it’s still under your discretion if you want to stay with your current money-making sites. If you want me to check out a certain money-making site, post a comment below and I’ll “investigate” on it.

Before joining any PTC site, make sure you read their Terms of Use and FAQs first. Also note that if they’re not on my recommended list, it means there’s something wrong with their TOS or their site altogether.

A Reliable PTC Site’s Terms of Use, Frequently Asked Questions Page and their Main Page should have MATCHING information.

A lot of new PTC sites today just copy their TOS, FAQs and main page texts from other PTC sites. If the PTC site can’t even get their FAQs, TOS and main page texts stats match, then, that’s a sign that the PTC site doesn’t really care to look professional to their members. Those parts of their site are the most important for me as a soon-to-be member because I need to know their methods and policies.

I remember there was a Bux site that opened before. I was reading their TOS and I started laughing when the name “Neobux” appeared instead of the name of their Bux site. Funny, really. They didn’t even bother to check that.

There’s this new PTC site ( whose TOS says Standard members have a limit of 40 direct referrals. When I checked their FAQs, there was this question that went like, “Why do I only have 10 direct referrals limit?”. Their answer was because members need to rent at least 100 referrals to increase their direct referrals limit by 10. Wow. They didn’t bother to mention that in their TOS. Nice job. And that’s why I don’t like my fellow clickers who visit my blog to just post and try to recruit my visitors here to join that PTC site. There’s a reason why I’m not recommending them and I feel that I’ve explained it very well.

A Reliable PTC Site should have their OWN registered DOMAIN and hosting. This might sound funny but it’s true. If the PTC site can’t even pay for their own domain and hosting, how’d you think they’ll do with paying out members?

If the PTC site doesn’t have their own domain like .com, .net, 99% they will turn up as a scam site. Having and paying for their own domain shows that they’ve got money to support the needs of the PTC site and its members.

A Reliable PTC Site Don’t Lock their Domain for Whois Lookup. This is particularly something you should be wary of when joining a NEW PTC site. If a new PTC site’s domain whois lookup is locked (meaning you can’t view the owner and details about who owns the domain and when it was registered, etc through, a major reason for that is the PTC site doesn’t want anyone to know who the real owners are possibly because of the following reasons:

They scammed people before at a different PTC site so they don’t want anyone to know that so they’ll still join their new PTC site.

They already have a PTC site that’s still up but it’s already in the brink of shutting down so they’re putting up this new one so they can continue on with scamming people.

A Reliable PTC Site should have a FORUM. Yes, it is important to check first if the PTC site you’re joining has a Forum where the admin or moderators communicate with members. If they can’t even put up a proper place where members can discuss their earnings, or for the admin to discuss news or updates with their members, they won’t really care and feel guilty about running away with your hard-earned money.

Alright, there’s an exception, though. Bomblogic is one of my highly recommended PTC site but they don’t have a forum. They only have a contact form available on their site. But, I can tell you that they’re reliable. I once had an issue with my account (I accidentally clicked on an ad to catch cheaters) and I sent a message through their contact form. I was really praying that they would reply and the admin did. They checked my account history and cleared me of any “cheater-like” misconduct. Plus, there are tens or even hundreds of payment proofs out there from Bomblogic clickers like me. For now, Bomblogic is the ONLY exception to this no-forum criterion for scam sites.

Okay, well, let me include WordLinx as an exception. They don’t have a forum but they have a Twitter account and a blog where you can post your comments or complaints about their site. But, still, technically, there’s a way for members to get in touch with the admin so they’re excused.

A Reliable PTC Site Don’t Offer Ridiculously High Click Worth/Rate. Don’t get too excited or swooned by PTC or money-making programs/sites that offer you very high rates for simply clicking an ad or reading an email. Trust me, if a site offers to pay you $0.50 or higher for each ad or email you read, they’re a freaking scam site! NO PTC or money-making site can sustain or maintain their site while paying their members that much. No matter how complex their explanation or computation is, in the long run, they won’t be able to sustain their site. So, why waste your time?!

The only trustworthy PTC site that offers the highest click worth now is Neobux. They pay $0.01 per click for Standard members. They’re actually a perfect example of a sustainable PTC site – they balance their own earnings as a site and the money they pay out to members. Plus, everyone gets drawn to them because of INSTANT payments.

A Reliable PTC Site Don’t Offer Too Many Discounts or Promos for Rentals and Upgrades. I’ve been around different PTC sites and most of those that just disappeared into thin air were those that offer members a lot of promos or discounts to rent referrals and upgrades. If a PTC site needed money, they shouldn’t turn to referral rentals or member upgrades BUT to ADVERTISING. They’re just digging their own grave by offering more discounts to members who will eventually get all their money back and more through referrals and upgrades.

A reliable PTC site should be profitable and the only way they can do this is to gain more advertising to their site and sell expensive rentals or upgrades to members so everyone wins. Again, Neobux is an example. Their rates might seem expensive to you but if you actually take the time to analyze it, the site earns enough to pay their members and to keep some profit for the money-making service they offer us.

A Reliable PTC Site Has REAL Ads that Were Paid For by REAL Advertisers. This is very tricky. Check out the ads that the PTC site is offering you. If you see that most or all of them are theirs, that means that they’re not getting enough advertising money to pay their members.

Also, take note if most of the ads are referral links and they’re all from the same person. The site owner might just be getting referrals through his site and has no intention to actually pay their members. Again, like in my previous point, a PTC site’s major income comes from Advertisers. If they don’t get enough, trust me, they won’t be around for too long.

A Reliable PTC Site has Members who Post Real Payment Proofs, Of course, this is one of the things you need to check first – PAYMENT PROOFS. Now, I don’t mean payment proofs that the PTC site did send out this amount of money to this certain number of members. I mean payment proofs from ACTUAL members.

Yes, I know. It’s too easy to copy someone else’s payment proof and repost it like your own. But, check out the payment proofs in the PTC site’s forums. If there are tens or hundreds of payment proofs there and they’re RECENT payments, then, it’s safe to say that the PTC site is paying the members. Also, don’t invest anything ’til you get paid at least twice by the PTC site.Trust me on that one.

Lastly, check the email address who sent them the payment on the payment proofs. Also, search Google for more payment proofs before investing or even joining a PTC site. That’s what I do. Took me months before I joined some of the Aurora sites I’m featuring here.

A Reliable PTC Site Pays Standard/Free Members. The first time I decided to put this criterion on my list on how to spot a scam site was when IsabelMarco required members to pay or upgrade their accounts to get paid. I was like, I didn’t come here to pay you so I can earn. They’re just screwing members by all their blabber about how it’ll be profitable for everyone if everyone upgrades. If I wanted to upgrade, that should be my choice.

In Neobux, if you check out their forums and the Admin’s posts, you’d realize that they actually care about Standard or free members. The Admin even takes time to share tips on how to earn more. The admin and the members don’t disrespect the value of Standard members in a PTC site. Why? These standard members help upgraded members get their money back. If there are no standard members, you’d be lucky to even reach the minimum payout in a month as an upgraded member. Not everyone would be willing to upgrade their accounts. I am one of them, actually. So, if a PTC site requires me to pay up or upgrade before I get paid, hah! They can have my account and the $5+ I still got in there (that’s IsabelMarco).

A Reliable PTC Site Doesn’t Require You to Upgrade to Get Paid. Yes, a reliable PTC site should not require you to upgrade to get paid. Like what I said on the previous point, if the PTC site don’t pay Standard and free members, they won’t get enough clicks from people therefore less people would be willing to advertise and so no one will even think about upgrading. It’s a domino effect. They’re just screwing with you if they ask you to upgrade.

However, take note, that some PTC sites require only a certain group of people to upgrade before getting paid. For instance, people from China are required by most PTC sites to upgrade before they get paid. Why? Because based on their investigations, most members from China use autoclickers or bots, and use proxies to create multiple accounts. Make sure you read the TOS of the PTC site you’re joining because you might not know that you’re actually required to upgrade.

Also, those PTC sites that require you to invest a percentage of your earnings before you get paid will eventually become a scam site. Why? Because it clearly shows that they cannot sustain their site so now they have to FORCE their members to reinvest instead of turning to more advertisers or by letting their members decide if they want to upgrade or not.

A Reliable PTC Site Doesn’t Set a Very High Minimum Amount for Cashouts. Before you even join a money-making program or PTC site, you should check their minimum amount for cashouts so you know when you’ll get paid. Also, this is one way for you to gauge if the PTC site is just setting all their members to fail so they won’t be able to cash out their earnings.

I’ve had first-hand experience with PTC sites like this. I remember before, there was a PTC site that I was about to join whose minimum amount for cashouts was at $50. But, they’re only paying their members less than $0.01 per click. That to me sounded ridiculous so I didn’t continue signing up. A Reliable PTC Site Pays Members on time and Updates their Members about Latest Changes.

If the PTC site respects its members by paying them on time based on their Terms of Use and they let all their members know about recent changes or updates as soon as possible, then, the PTC site should be trusted. This goes to show that they do care about their members who also help them make money.

I hate it when PTC sites suddenly change their TOS without FIRST informing their members. Some members will just get shocked when they can’t cash out because the Admin suddenly decided to change the minimum cashout or the requirements to cashout, etc. Then, their reasoning is that based on their Terms of Service, they can change it anytime they like. I understand that but to not let the members know before they do is just plain rude and inconsiderate.

Also, if the Admin doesn’t pay too much attention to members complaints, it shows that they only care about making profits and money but not really the satisfaction of their members.

That’s all for now. Basically, the things I listed above would help you distinguish which money-making sites are reliable sites and those that won’t be around for too long.

Again, if you need me to check out a certain money-making site for you, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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